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Below are frequently asked questions that users often ask. Read ahead for answers.

Does the Toontown Rewritten Team maintain the Toontown Rewritten Wiki?

Although the Toontown Rewritten Team does not maintain the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, we are part of the Toontown Partner Program. They help provide resources for us, among other benefits of the Toontown Partner Program.

Does the Toontown Rewritten Wiki have policies?

Of course; Toontown is a game for players of all ages, after all. Before contributing to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki, please review our policies. All users should represent the Toontown community by showing what it truly means to be "Toon Enough" and help maintain a family-friendly environment.

Does the Toontown Rewritten Wiki have a style manual?

Our style manual covers all the details on how each and every page found on the Toontown Rewritten Wiki should be created. Professional standards of editing are enforced.

How may users contribute to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki?

The amount of work needed for the Toontown Rewritten Wiki tends to vary. We simply ask that users abide by our policies and style manual before contributing.

Could the Toontown Wiki's content be transferred over to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki?

As its name implies, the Toontown Rewritten Wiki is an encyclopedia for Toontown Rewritten. Toontown Rewritten's goal is to continue where Toontown Online's developers left off by further expanding the game with new events, new expansions, new features, and tweaks or changes to existing gameplay, which means we provide information about those aspects of new content unlike the Toontown Wiki. Plagiarism is also strictly prohibited, so we provide original content focused mainly on Toontown Rewritten.

What's going on with the Toontown Rewritten Wiki?

The Toontown Rewritten Wiki migrated to become an independent wiki. Please visit the Migration page to get the scoop of what the future lies ahead for us.