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Gags are hilarious jokes used by Toons to defeat the Cogs. Beginner Toons start off with Cupcake and Squirting Flower from the Throw and Squirt tracks but can obtain high-level gags by earning skill points and earn new gag tracks by completing ToonTasks. Toons can purchase gags from Goofy's Gag Shop for a single jellybean each, excluding level 7 gags. There are ToonTasks that grant upgraded gag pouches, allowing Toons to carry up to a total of 80 gags after completing every ToonTask.

Gag tracks

Gags are divided into seven tracks with a variety of gags containing different attributes. When completing ToonTasks through playgrounds, Toons can select up to six total gag tracks that they want to train for.

  1. Toontown Central – Toon-Up or Sound
  2. Donald's Dock – Lure or Drop
  3. Minnie's Melodyland – Trap or Toon-Up / Sound
  4. The Brrrgh – one of two remaining gag tracks previously unselected


Main page: Toon-Up

Toon-Up is a gag track that has medium accuracy and is comprised of gags that rely on healing Toons to restore laff by certain amounts. If a group Toon-Up gag is used, laff is provided evenly between Toons. Unlike other tracks, Toon-Up gags do not miss, but rather, provide 20% of original values that are rounded up. Toon-Up gags are the first set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Trap

Trap is a gag track that has perfect accuracy. Its gags require usage of Lure for activation, which provides a guaranteed chance of the gags damaging Cogs, but cannot be used on a Cog that is already lured. Due to Lure requirement, Trap is the most accurate gag track; it is also the most powerful gag track. Trap gags are the second set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Lure

Lure is a gag track comprised of gags that cause Cogs to become stunned for a set amount of battle rounds, preventing them from using their attacks during those rounds. Additionally, Throw and Squirt gags receive a 50% damage bonus against lured Cogs which are guaranteed to hit, Drop gags always miss on lured Cogs, and Trap gags placed in front of Cogs beforehand activate and deal damage once they are lured. Lure gags are the third set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Sound

Sound is a gag track that has high accuracy and is comprised entirely of gags that affect all Cogs in battle, and is typically used simultaneously with other Toons to deal significant damage. Sound gags are the fourth set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Throw

Throw is a gag track that has medium accuracy and is one of two gag tracks that Toons have by default, alongside Squirt. Throw gags are the fifth set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Squirt

Squirt is a gag track that has high accuracy and is one of two gag tracks that Toons have by default, alongside Throw. Squirt gags are the sixth set of gags used during Cog battles.


Main page: Drop

Drop is a gag track that has low accuracy and is comprised of the least accurate gags, yet second most powerful gags after Trap. Drop gags are the seventh set of gags used during Cog battles.


All gags, except for Toon-Up and Lure gags, deal a certain amount of damage. Each gag's damage ranges between two values: its minimum value, which is its value when earned with no further skill points; and its maximum value, which is its damage when unlocking the next gag in the track. For example, the minimum damage of Birthday Cake is 48, and its maximum damage is 100.

When earning skill points in a gag track, the damage of the last unlocked gag in a Toon's track gradually approaches its maximum value, based on how far they have reached until the next gag. For each certain number of skill points, the damage of the gag increases. This depends on the range between minimum and maximum damages, as well as by the range between skill points from which a gag is unlocked and until the next gag is unlocked.

The number of skill points needed for each damage step can be expressed in the following way:

g = (E1 - E0) ÷ (D1 - D0)


  • g is the number of skill points needed to the next step (multiplied by the number of steps wanted, then rounded)
  • E0 is the number of skill points at which the given gag is unlocked
  • E1 is the number of skill points at which the next gag is unlocked
  • D0 is the gag's minimum damage
  • D1 is the gag's maximum damage

Level 1 to level 5 Drop gags and level 7 gags that possess same minimum and maximum damages remain constant.

In order to find the number of skill points required to reach a certain damage, the following function can be used:

f(x) = E0 + g (x - D0)


  • x is the wanted damage (not beyond the range between the minimum and maximum values)
  • E0, D0 and g are the values from the previous equation
  • f(x) returns the number of needed skill points for the wanted damage


  • Level 7 gags cannot be purchased from Goofy's Gag Shop. Once unlocked by earning 10,000 skill points, it takes 500 extra skill points to earn another, unless one level 7 gag was planted as a gag tree.
  • Toons can only carry one of each level 7 gag per gag track by default, but can unlock the ability to carry one additional level 7 gag by talking to Ripley after completing the Smasher Badge ToonTask in the Sellbot Task Force.
  • When two or more of the same gag type (excluding Lure, Trap, and Toon-Up) is used on a Cog, the Cog receives a 20% damage bonus. For example, if a Throw gag is applied prior to a Wedding Cake in the same round, all Cogs in battle receive a 20% damage bonus, no matter which Cog the initial Throw gag was applied to.
  • Previous hits increase the accuracy of the next used gags in a battle round by 20%, unless the accuracy cap of 95% is reached. For example, using a Squirt gag and a Sound gag in the same round as a Drop gag increases its accuracy to 95%. Successful tricks performed by doodles and Toon-Up gags also can count as previous hits.