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Lure is a gag track that is available once a Toon completes their assigned ToonTasks when selecting the track for training. Using Lure gags on Cogs causes them to become stunned for a set number of battle rounds, preventing them from performing their attacks during those rounds. Additionally, Throw and Squirt gags receive a 50% damage bonus against lured Cogs which are guaranteed to hit, Drop gags always miss on lured Cogs, and Trap gags placed in front of Cogs beforehand activate and deal damage once they are lured. Using multiple Lure gags simultaneously increases the accuracy. Lure gags are the third set of gags used during Cog battles.


Gag Image Rounds Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy Organic base accuracy
$1 Bill
2 One Cog 0 60% 70%
Small Magnet
2 All Cogs 20 55% 65%
$5 Bill
3 One Cog 100 70% 80%
Big Magnet
3 All Cogs 800 65% 75%
$10 Bill
4 One Cog 2,000 80% 90%
4 All Cogs 6,000 75% 85%
8 All Cogs 10,000 90% 95%

Rebalancing changes

3.0.0 update changes
  • Number of rounds and base accuracy for Presentation decreased from 15 to 8 and increased from 90% to 95% respectively.[1]
  • Lure gags no longer stack rounds.[1]
3.3.0 update changes
  • Lure gags with a base accuracy below 50% no longer have a chance for Lure effects to expire early.
4.0.0 update changes
  • The base accuracy and organic base accuracy of Dollar Bill gags had increased by an additional 10%.[2]
  • The base accuracy and organic base accuracy of multi-Lure gags had increased by an additional 5%.[2]
  • The base accuracy of Presentation decreased to 90%.[2]
  • High-level Lure gags override the base accuracy of low-level Lure gags when used simultaneously.[2]
  • Multiple Lure gags of the same type used simultaneously now grant a bonus (20/15/10)% accuracy depending on the gag level discrepancies of the additional Lure gags, with the bonus being smaller if low-level Lure gags are used.[2]

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lure gags prevent Cogs from attacking for a certain number of rounds.
  • Lure gags allow Throw and Squirt gags to deal bonus damage against lured Cogs.
  • Lure gags are useful for activating Trap gags.
  • The base accuracy for Lure gags increases when they are organic.
  • Presentation lures Cogs for 8 rounds and has the highest base accuracy and organic base accuracy, making it quite a useful level 7 Lure gag.


  • Lured Cogs are awakened by Sound gags without a damage bonus.
  • Lured Cogs cannot be damaged by Drop gags, as they always miss.
  • Lure gags do not yield skill points if lured Cogs are not damaged.
    • For group Lure gags, at least one Cog that was lured by the gag must be damaged before the Lure effect expires to earn skill points.


  • When there is a mixed set of lured and un-lured Cogs present in battle, the base accuracy of Sound gags and level 7 gags still increase by using a formula called luredRatio; however, they are not guaranteed to hit.
  • Since Toontown Online, there was a longstanding bug associated with Lure where the damage bonus for Throw and Squirt gags did not always apply properly, thus preventing Cog knockback animation from working. It was then fixed by Toontown Rewritten in the "Toontown Tweaks" update that was released on February 1, 2015.
  • Saying "glue" does not increase the base accuracy of Lure gags.


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