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Cogs are the main antagonists of Toontown Rewritten. They are corporate robots wanting to convert Toontown into a corporate dystopia. Cogs use a set of attacks to drain Toons' laff and sadden them; stronger Cogs tend to have higher health and stronger attacks. However, Cogs cannot take a joke, so they explode when they laugh upon being affected by Toons' arsenal of gags.


On April 19, 2014, the Cogs invaded Toontown for the first time when they made an unexpected interruption during the Toon Council Presidential Elections by unleashing an invasion known as Doomsday to exercise ambush marketing. Sometime after Doomsday, the Cogs now roam the streets of Toontown to take over Toon Buildings by dropping Cog Buildings onto them, and have established their own Cog headquarters that are connected to some streets.


Supervisor Cogs

Boss Cogs




  • Very early during Toontown Online's development, the Cogs were originally going to be businessmen known as "Suits" before they were changed to become robots.
  • Throughout the Alpha stage of Toontown Rewritten, the Cogs were only "Trolley-bots" that appeared in certain Trolley minigames.
  • Doctor Surlee, also known as Gyro Gearloose, created the Cogs.
  • "SuitA", "SuitB", and "SuitC" are three different body types for Cogs and their Skelecog forms.