Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer
Cog information
Department Bossbots
Location Bossbot Clubhouse
Attack information
Number of attacks 4
Weakest attacks Bump
Strongest attacks Fore
Lowest damage 15
Highest damage 30+
Preceded by
The Club President
Succeeded by
The Chairman

The Chief Executive Officer, commonly known as the C.E.O., is the Boss Cog of the Bossbots. He resides within the Bossbot Clubhouse in Bossbot Headquarters.


The Chief Executive Officer after rising through the ranks in the corporate ladder.

To battle the Chief Executive Officer, Toons must earn parts for their Bossbot Cog Disguise by completing Shep Ahoy's ToonTasks, which can be done after completing ToonTasks for parts of the Lawbot Cog Disguise.

The boss battle begins as Good ol' Gil Giggles approaches Toons to discuss a plan to infiltrate the Chief Executive Officer's banquet, though suit parts from waiter-suited Cogs must first be acquired. Toons are removed from their Bossbot Cog Disguises and the first Cog battle is initiated after Good ol' Gil Giggles leaves.

First Cog battle

Toons enter a battle with a mix of waiter-suited ordinary Cogs and waiter-suited Version 2.0 Cogs that range from level 9 to level 14.

Banquet round

During the banquet round, an oil can appears when a Cog is consuming.

The banquet is held inside a room where the Chief Executive Officer is seen discussing business with his associates. Cogs seated at the tables can be Head Hunters, Corporate Raiders, and/or The Big Cheeses, depending on certain factors (see "Tier system"). Toons must feed as many seated Cogs as possible by serving them with oil cans distributed from the conveyor belts; two oil cans are required to defeat ordinary Cogs and three oil cans are required to defeat Version 2.0 Cogs. Version 2.0 Cogs are identified by their VIP plaques and unique animation.

Second Cog battle

Toons first battle a level 12 Version 2.0 Big Cheese and then battle the leftover Cogs if there are any.

Chief Executive Officer battle

Toons are provided many seltzer bottles on tables and four golf balls by Good ol' Gil Giggles for them to use, along with snacks on conveyor belts for them to regain laff points. Golf balls are used to pelt the Chief Executive Officer's undercarriage to slow him down, as indicated by the red color of his treadmills. Seltzer bottles are used to damage the Chief Executive Officer, which deal varied damage based on charging strength. A low charge deals 6 damage, a medium charge deals 12 damage, and a high charge deals 24 damage. When the Chief Executive Officer is defeated, he spins around rapidly and automatically demotes to a Flunky. Toons then perform a victory dance, receive skill points for gags and credit for ToonTasks (if any), earn a promotion for their Bossbot Cog Disguise, and are awarded a certain number of pink slips by Good ol' Gil Giggles.


  • Bump: Toons lose a significant amount of laff points when bumping into the Chief Executive Officer's undercarriage.
  • Swing: The Chief Executive Officer swings his club and fires smaller golf balls in a stream towards a targeted Toon.
  • Throw Gears: The Chief Executive Officer targets a single Toon and throws gears at them, deducting a significant amount of laff points if hit. The targeted Toon can move backward or run in any other direction away from the gears to avoid the attack.
  • Fore: The Chief Executive Officer spins while swinging his golf club to spawn waves of giant golf balls in a pattern, targeting all Toons present. Those who use the seltzer bottles or golf balls can avoid this attack by exiting out. Others can dodge by simply moving backward or running in any other direction away from the golf balls.

The Chief Executive Officer can also initiate two "pinch" phases where his above attacks deal increased damage, which is tied to his health. Over time after downsizing, his attacks increase in damage, so it would be possible for him to defeat a maxed laff Toon with one attack.

  • Reorganize: This phase is initiated shortly after the Chief Executive Officer reaches orange health and is indicated by him saying "It's time to reorganize", which allows him to deal 19 damage and destroy one conveyor belt. His golf club turns orange when the phase is initiated.
  • Downsize: This phase is initiated shortly after the Chief Executive Officer reaches red health and is indicated by him saying "Now let's downsize", which allows him to deal 30+ damage and destroy the other conveyor belt to prevent Toons from relying on snacks for regaining laff points. His golf club turns red when the phase is initiated.

Tier system

The entire Chief Executive Officer boss battle has a tier system. Depending on the average level of Toons' Bossbot Cog Disguises, the number of pink slips awarded, and the number and type of Cogs seated during the banquet round may vary. The average Cog level is determined by having the level of Toons' Bossbot Cog Disguises all added together and then divided by the number of Toons present in battle. For example, if eight Toons are present and each Toon has a level 1 Flunky disguise, the average is level 1, because 8 ÷ 8 = 1.

The Cog value depends on the disguise but is not determined by level. Each disguise and level has its own unique value. The value can be easily determined using n + 1, where n is how many promotions a Toon earned in total. For example, a level 1 Flunky has a value of 1. If a Toon were to go from level 1 Flunky to level 3 Yesman, they would need to have 10 promotions. This amount is added to the value of 1, resulting in a value of 11, which is based on that of level 3 Yesman.

There are five tiers based on the average Cog value that affect the difficulty and layout of the banquet room.

Tier Cog Disguise value Cog Disguise level Cogs seated at tables Number of tables Number of Cogs per table Total number of Cogs Pink slips awarded
1 1 - 16 Level 1 Flunky - Level 4 Micromanager Levels 10-11 Head Hunters 8 4 40 2
2 17 - 32 Level 5 Micromanager - Level 8 Corporate Raider Levels 10-12 Head Hunters and Corporate Raiders 9 5 50 3
3 33 - 47 Level 9 Corporate Raider - Level 19 Big Cheese Levels 11-12 Corporate Raiders 10 6 55 4
4 48 - 62 Level 20 Big Cheese - Level 34 Big Cheese Levels 11-13 Corporate Raiders and Big Cheeses 8 8 60 5
5 63+ Level 35+ Big Cheese Levels 12-13 Big Cheeses 13 5 65 6


Before the banquet round:

  • "What's taking so long? Get cracking and serve my banquet!"

During the banquet round:

  • "Now, let's get down to business..."
  • "Please review the foreword for today's meeting - I listed several great links in there."
  • "This year we've made a significant increase in our average CUP. That is, Course Under Par."
  • "Due to our big swing this quarter, sales are predicted to land a hole-in-one."
  • "None of you will ever make it in business without following through. That's the key to good swing."
  • "I'm going to table that to make room for the main course."
  • "Where is my slide deck for this meal? We must go over the topics to be consumed."
  • "And now, refer to the chart on page seven for a detailed look at our projected line of flight."
  • "There are job openings in dining services for the country club. My last staff of waiters was attacked by Toons."
  • "I see someone spilled oil on the seat. You can pack up your desk after the meeting."
  • "Waiters, you'll find yourselves out of a job if my guests aren't kept fed."
  • "I'll need all of you to come in on Saturday for the Stock Option report."
  • "I expect everyone's promotion paperwork to be filed by the end of this banquet."
  • "Save all questions for two to three business days, and allow at least two weeks processing time."
  • "Enough puttering around. Let's iron out the details to drive this point home."
  • "We can't afford to let anyone stand in the way of Cogs, Incorporated. Playing through is key to maintaining our 'A' Game."
  • "Despite a few rough patches, our trajectory looks promising."
  • "Sellbots think that they're clever, but our department pioneered the original 'Field Office': The golf course."
  • "I want those Toon moles on the fairway taken care of immediately. What are we running, some sort of mouse course?"

After the banquet round:

  • "What's happening here?! I knew it from the start. The waiters are TOONS!"
  • "Why are you all sitting around? GET THEM!!!"

Before the boss battle:

  • "Hrrrmmpph. When I need a job done right... I'll do it myself."

During the boss battle:

  • "Fore!"


Origin of name

A "Chief Executive Officer" is the position of the most senior corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of managing a for-profit organization.


  • The Chief Executive Officer is the only boss battle where:
    • Toons do not meet the Boss Cog immediately after entering the area by elevator.
    • It has the most rounds, having four as opposed to three for the Vice President and the Chief Justice, and two for the Chief Financial Officer.
    • Cogs do not enter a battle by walking out of the Boss Cog's undercarriage.
  • In Toontown Online, golf balls were hardly ever effective against the Chief Executive Officer, leading many members of the Toontown community to believe this was a longstanding bug. According to Hawkheart at OMG!Con 2016, Toons had to spend hours trying to slow the Chief Executive Officer down when pelting his undercarriage with golf balls. It was eventually discovered by a community member after analyzing Toontown Online's code that the Chief Executive Officer had a breakneck recovery rate, resulting in the golf balls being entirely ineffective.
  • As of the 1.15.2 update that was released on May 16, 2017, new phrases for the Chief Executive Officer and new phrases for the Cogs after receiving their oil cans during the banquet round were added.
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