The Factory Foreman

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The Factory Foreman
Cog information
Department Sellbots
Location Sellbot Factory
Attack information
Number of attacks 4
Number of special moves 2
Weakest attacks Red Tape
Strongest attacks Finger Wag
Preceded by
Mr. Hollywood
Succeeded by
Vice President

The Factory Foreman is the Supervisor Cog of the Sellbots who possesses special moves with status effects. He resides at the Center Silo Control Room in the Sellbot Factory in Sellbot Headquarters. Once he and the other Cogs are defeated, Toons receive skill points for their gags and a certain number of Merits; if a Toon does not yet have a completed Sellbot Cog Disguise, they receive disguise parts instead of Merits.

Before The Factory Foreman's formal arrival, the Toon Resistance gathered data and created a case file containing some intel about him.


The battle begins with The Factory Foreman applying Defense Up to Cogs. Defense Up boosts defense by 25% in both the Scrap Factory and the Steel Factory.

Based on damage calculations, it is estimated that The Factory Foreman has 250 health in the Scrap Factory and 750 health in the Steel Factory.


The following phase occurs when The Factory Foreman's health is lower.

Scrap Factory Steel Factory
Overtime Damage Up boosts The Factory Foreman's damage by 25%.
Time Down reduces the battle timer by 25 seconds.
Damage Up boosts The Factory Foreman's damage by 50%.
Time Down reduces the battle timer by 32 seconds.

Attacks and special moves


Scrap Factory Steel Factory
Tremor 6 (+2 during Overtime) damage 15 (+8 during Overtime) damage
Hot Air 7 (+2 during Overtime) damage 19 (+10 during Overtime) damage
Red Tape 4 (+1 during Overtime) damage 15 (+8 during Overtime) damage
Finger Wag 9 (+3 during Overtime) damage 22 (+11 during Overtime) damage

Special moves

Scrap Factory Steel Factory
Burnout N/A Damage Over Time deals 8 damage per round.
Field Promotion Fired Up boosts a Cog's damage by 25% and reduces their defense by 50% for one round. Fired Up boosts a Cog's damage by 50% and reduces their defense by 50% for one round.



  • "Toons..."
  • "This intrusion will certainly affect our timetable."
  • "To meet our quota, we must run this factory like clockwork."
  • "Fortunately, a well-protected Cog can resolve this setback."


  • "Feeling burn out? Good."
  • "Try not to burn out, Toons."
  • "This job really pushes you past your limits."
  • "Don't get tired yet, there's plenty of work left."
  • "Time to feel overworked, Toons."
  • "Management requires you to Stop, Drop, and Roll."
  • "Pressure, pressure, pressure!"

Field Promotion:

  • "This promotion will come out of your paycheck."
  • "You've earned this. Now take them down."
  • "Get ready to attack that Toon."
  • "A great defense is an even greater offense."
  • "I'm removing your warranty."


  • "This factory WILL meet its quota, no matter what!"
  • "Work harder, not smarter!"
  • "You're running against the clock now!"
  • "Time to really move your feet."
  • "No time for thinking now."
  • "You won't get pay and a half for this."
  • "There's no overtime pay for you, Toons."
  • "This will be coming out of your paychecks."

When defeated:

  • "We should have neglected safety protocols."
  • "A minor setback for production."

When Toons send friend requests:

  • "The Foreman adjusts his glasses slightly."
  • "The Foreman glares at you."
  • "The Foreman shakes his head at you."
  • "Quota would never be met if I was 'friends' with you."
  • "This facility is more important to me than you ever would be."
  • "'Friends' are a distraction I cannot have."
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