The Mint Auditor

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The Mint Auditor
Cog information
Department Cashbots
Location Cashbot Mints
Attack information
Number of attacks 4
Number of special moves 2
Weakest attacks Power Tie
Strongest attacks Market Crash
Preceded by
Robber Baron
Succeeded by
Chief Financial Officer

The Mint Auditor is the Supervisor Cog of the Cashbots who possesses special moves with status effects. He resides near the Mint Vault in the Cashbot Mints in Cashbot Headquarters. Once he and the other Cogs are defeated, Toons receive skill points for their gags and a certain number of Cogbucks.

Before The Mint Auditor's formal arrival, the Toon Resistance gathered data and created a case file containing some intel about him.


The battle begins with The Mint Auditor applying Overpaid and Tenure to Cogs. Overpaid allows Cogs to have +150 health ("hit points") in the Coin Mint and +200 health in the Bullion Mint. Tenure allows Cogs to be immune to pink slips and remote controls.

Based on damage calculations, it is estimated that The Mint Auditor has 750 health in the Coin Mint and 1150 health in the Bullion Mint.


The following two phases switch from one to the next when a Cog is defeated.

Coin Mint Bullion Mint
Bear Market Gags cost double due to Gag Tax and Toons have increased defense by 50% due to Defense Up.
Bull Market Damage Up boosts damage for Cogs and Toons by 25%.
Gag Tax is removed.
Damage Up boosts damage for Cogs and Toons by 50%.
Gag Tax is removed.

Attacks and special moves


Coin Mint Bullion Mint
Audit 6 damage / 13 (+4) damage during Bull Market 11 damage / 23 (+12) damage during Bull Market
Synergy 7 damage / 14 (+4) damage during Bull Market 12 damage / 24 (+12) damage during Bull Market
Market Crash 8 damage / 16 (+4) damage during Bull Market 13 damage / 26 (+13) damage during Bull Market
Power Tie 5 damage / 11 (+3) damage during Bull Market 9 damage / 19 (+10) damage during Bull Market

Special moves

Coin Mint Bullion Mint
Promoted Cogs are promoted by one level. Cogs are promoted by two levels.
Investment Cogs are healed +25 health.
Attentive reduces the Lure effect to a single turn for 2 rounds.
Cogs are healed +50 health.
Attentive reduces the Lure effect to a single turn for 3 rounds.



  • "The C.F.O. is expecting EXACT change, so don't mess up." / "Make sure your timesheet is on my desk by the end of the day." / "I want every coin organized by weight, size, and value." / "Every coin should be freshly shined before your shift is up."
  • "It looks like our security has been compromised."
  • "You may have gotten this far, but the market is on MY side now."
  • "Time is money, Toons. Don't waste mine."

Bear Market:

  • "This market is an animal today."
  • "This market is unbearable."
  • "Just try to bear this market."
  • "I forecast a change in the market."
  • "Time to come out of hibernation."
  • "Time to put this market on ice."

Bull Market:

  • "Let’s heat up this market."
  • "The market is never stable around me."
  • "You mess with the BULL, you get the horns."
  • "I’m starting to see red."
  • "Time to flip this market on its head."


  • "You proved a cut above the rest. Have a promotion."
  • "Great work out there, champ. Take this."
  • "You’ve earned this. Don’t mess it up."
  • "This celebration is coming out of your paycheck."


  • "This investment ought to pay off."
  • "My investments always pay out."
  • "I'm investing a lot in you, don’t let me down."
  • "I'm invested in what you have to say."
  • "I only invest in the best."
  • "I know you'll pay out."
  • "Time to invest in my workers."
  • "I call this trickle-down economics."
  • "The blazer will cost you extra."
  • "Invest, invest, invest!"

When defeated:

  • "I did not account for this."
  • "I'll write this off as a loss."

When Toons send friend requests:

  • "The Auditor absentmindedly flips a coin in his hand."
  • "The Auditor raises his eyebrow at you."
  • "The Auditor throws a small stack of Cogbucks at you."
  • "You could never afford to be 'friends' with me."
  • "Money is the only friend I need."
  • "Unless you're worth your weight in bullion, I don't want to be your 'friend.'"
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