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Toons are the main protagonists of Toontown Rewritten. They are depicted as silly cartoon characters who enjoy having fun and are constantly using their arsenal of gags to stop Cogs from converting Toontown into a corporate dystopia. When a player creates their Toon, they can choose style, color, and clothing. The player's Toon visits Tutorial Terrace after creation.


There is a selection of 11 total species that players may create, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, horses, mice, monkeys, bears, pigs, crocodiles, and deer. Crocodiles and deer are Toontown's newest species since 2007 when pigs first arrived in Toontown Online.


  • Pig, monkey, and bear did not originally exist when Toontown Online first released. They later arrived after winning the votes of three different elections.
    • Cow, chicken, and goat were three unreleased Toon species that lost said elections. They were also candidates in Toontown Rewritten's Toontown Species Election but neither of them won.