Toontown (world)

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The map of Toontown.

Toontown is a fictional world that makes up majority of the Tooniverse. As the main setting of Toontown Rewritten, Toontown is a silly and cartoony world where Toons call home.

In Toontown, Toons are always trying to have fun. However, it is not all seltzer and slapstick; corporate robots known as the Cogs are trying to put an end to Toons' fun. Cogs now roam the streets of Toontown and have established their own Cog headquarters. As a Toon progresses in Toontown, they receive ToonTasks from certain Toontown residents for rewards such as the ability to access playgrounds via the portable hole. Cog headquarters, however, are areas that Toons cannot teleport to without reaching level 13 in a respective Cog Disguise.

There are many playgrounds and other various zones across Toontown: