Toontown Central

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Toontown Central
Basic information
Treasure Ice cream cone
Population 102 Toons
Number of buildings 108
Number of streets 3
Connects to
Silly StreetElm Street, Daisy Gardens
Loopy LaneAlto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland
Punchline PlaceBarnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock
Goofy Speedway
Cog information
Minimum level 1
Maximum level 3
Maximum building stories 3 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.

Toontown Central, commonly known as as TTC, is a neighborhood located in the center of Toontown. It has streets that connect to Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens, and Minnie's Melodyland; and connects to Goofy Speedway. It is where new Toons begin their journey after leaving Tutorial Terrace and is the first of six playgrounds that Toons progress through.

Toontown Central is the only playground to have the most Toon Buildings within its area compared to any other playground. It is also the only playground to have level 1 Cogs roaming its streets.

The fisherman in the playground is Fisherman Freddy.


Toontown Central is designed to be in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. There is a Hollywood-like Toontown sign in the background and a gazebo located in the center. Butterflies also fly around, and chirping sounds from birds can be heard. The treasure in Toontown Central is a type of dessert, an ice cream cone.


There is a party gate with Party Planner Pumpkin and Party Planner Polly residing next to it for Toons to host parties.


Toontown Central has three streets:


Main page: Toontown Central ToonTasks

Toons are instructed to complete ToonTasks in Toontown Central before advancing to Donald's Dock.


  • In Toontown Online, Mickey Mouse used to roam the playground. In Toontown Rewritten's storyline, he left Toontown to focus on his movies and asked Alec Tinn to host the Toon Council Presidential Elections and elect either Flippy or Slappy as Toon Council president so that one of them can take care of Toontown. Outside of the storyline, the Toontown Rewritten Team wanted to prevent from calling attention to the Disney characters by simply not including them in their playgrounds.[1]
  • The Cogs initiated Doomsday to invade Toontown Central on the day of the Toon Council Presidential Elections being held.
  • Toontown Central has a noticeable lack of Cog Buildings outside of Cog Invasions, likely to prevent new Toons from going sad by attempting to defeat them.
  • Because Welcome Valley is a district meant for new Toons after leaving Tutorial Terrace, only Toontown Central is accessible.[2]
  • Toontown Central is one of two playgrounds, alongside Donald's Dock, that connects to another playground without a street.
  • During the Winter Holiday, a large Christmas tree accompanied by several presents are displayed in Toontown Central next to Toon Hall, the Toontown Bank, and the Toontown Library.