Toon Council Presidential Elections

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The Toon Council Presidential Elections was a major event where Flippy and Slappy competed to win the votes of Toontown citizens for president of the Toon Council. An announcement was made by Alec Tinn on February 17, 2014, and election day occurred on April 19, 2014. Although the Toon Council president was elected, trouble brewed in Toontown for the first time where an unexpected interruption from the Cogs took place. The Toon Council Presidential Elections marked the conclusion of Toontown Rewritten's Alpha stage.


Both candidates, Flippy and Slappy, conducted a series of campaigns to whew Toontown's citizens in order to win their votes.

Flippy's campaigns:

Slappy's campaigns:

Blog posts

The following are a series of blog posts that were published throughout the history of the Toon Council Presidential Elections.

Election day

Before the Toon Council Presidential Elections began, Doctor Surlee stood in front of the election stage to welcome Toons far and wide. Once the election began, Alec Tinn, Flippy, and Slappy exited out of Toon Hall and approached to the stage were Flippy and Slappy would then then begin their speeches. Alec Tinn started the Grand Electoral Counters to announce Slappy as Toon Council president. Just as the celebration began, a level 3 Yesman unexpectedly arrived. While Slappy tried speaking to the Yesman, he used "Positive Reinforcement" to drain all of Slappy's laff and cause him to go sad. Flippy defeated the Yesman with one of his Whole Cream Pies after demanding where Slappy was taken, shortly before the Cogs arrived to initiate Doomsday. After Doomsday ended, Flippy reluctantly accepted to fulfill the role of Toon Council president since he was the only leader Toontown had left.


The original event was streamed live by Toontown Rewritten from their official YouTube channel on April 19, 2014, as well as many other members of the Toontown community.[1]

In celebration of Toontown Rewritten's fifth anniversary, an updated and remastered version of the Toon Council Presidential Elections (along with Doomsday) was streamed live through Twitch and YouTube, with commentary from the Toontown Rewritten Team, on September 29, 2018.[2]


  • "Doomsday" was the internal name for the Toon Council Presidential Elections during development.
  • On February 28, 2014, Alec Tinn announced the start of the voting period and that such a period would be extended to two weeks, thus delaying the election until March 15th. On March 14th, Sir Max announced that the election was delayed again by a week and March 22nd was chosen as the new date. Due to server issues on March 22nd, the election was delayed once again and postponed for April 19th, which is when the election finally occurred after several delays.
  • At the time of when ToonFest 2014 started, brand new clothes were released as codes that are available for players to redeem, depending on their Toontown Rewritten account eligibility. Some of the clothes are Flippy's Election Shirt and Slappy's Election Shirt.
  • In a backstage blog post regarding the development of Doomsday and during OMG!Con 2015, Joey stated that the Toontown Rewritten Team intentionally tried to make Slappy the better candidate so that he could gain votes and also move forward with Toontown Rewritten's storyline. Slappy was meant to be elected regardless of whether Flippy gained the most votes or not.



After the Toon Council Presidential Elections concluded, the camera zoomed into a portal and showed a credits scene that introduced members of the Toontown Rewritten Team, followed by a popup message that would appear thanking Alpha testers for testing and announcing closure until Beta. Several of the staff members had silly captions mostly related to blog posts published by them. For example, Hawkheart was listed as the Fish Bingo Controller, which was a direct reference to the blog post titled "Daily Alpha Update: The Tale of the Fish Bingo Controller".


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