Sad (battle)

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The message that a Toon receives upon being saddened.
The message that a sad Toon receives upon attempting to leave a playground.

A Toon becomes sad when they lose all of their laff. Upon going sad, the Toon has their gags, including level 7 gags, taken away by the Cogs and are sent back to the nearest playground. Sad Toons cannot leave the playground and therefore cannot enter streets, teleport to other playgrounds, visit their friends, visit an estate, board the Trolley, or collect treasures until they regain at least one laff point.

While a Toon is sad, they walk slower than happy Toons and cannot jump. Their Laff Meter becomes a sickly lime green color with "X" eyes and a sad mouth sticking out its tongue.


  • If a single Toon enters a street battle with one or more Cogs and goes sad, Cogs taunt at the saddened Toon in a childish manner shortly before propelling away. If more Toons are involved in battle, Cogs would only taunt when the last remaining Toon goes sad.
  • Sad Toons can teleport to other playgrounds or an estate, and to their friends when they are inside a Toon Building.