Toon Building

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A preview of Toon Buildings shown by Tutorial Tom during the Toontorial.

A Toon Building is a building located on streets and playgrounds that can be entered through its door. Many Toon Buildings have shopkeepers inside them–residents of Toontown (NPCs) whom Toons can speak with, and are essential for completing all sorts of ToonTasks. Some Toon Buildings can be entered but lack a shopkeeper, while some other Toon Buildings do not have a door and purely exist for aesthetic purposes.

There are certain consistent Toon Buildings on each main playground (excluding Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres): Toon Headquarters, Goofy's Gag Shop, a Clothing Shop, and a Pet Shop. All streets also have one Toon Headquarters.


The exterior of a Toon Building is a colorful and wacky tall building with a kooky name. They often have a theme that correspond with the respective playground of which they are located in. The names of the Toon Buildings are usually a play on words related to the playground's theme.


Inside most Toon Buildings is nothing more than a simple room with wallpapers, various pieces of furniture, and a desk for the shopkeeper to stand from behind. Confronting a shopkeeper allows a Toon to pick up certain ToonTasks. Each Toon Building is unique with its own name and shopkeeper.

Cog takeover

When taken over by Cogs, the Toon Building transforms into a tall, gray skyscraper known as a Cog Building. Once a Toon Building has been taken over, Toons cannot enter the room with the shopkeeper and must enter the elevator to conquer the Cog Building to reclaim the Toon Building. A Toon Building returns to its original state once all Cogs inside are defeated, or when the Cog Building times out after a certain period of inactivity. Rescuing a specific amount of Toon Buildings rewards Toons with ranked stars above their names, and are shown on the Toon Platoon at the Toon Headquarters.

All ToonTask-related Toon Buildings on the streets of Toontown Central cannot be taken over by Cogs in order to prevent new players from having trouble with completing their ToonTasks due to Cog Buildings. Certain Toon Buildings, such as Laughing Lessons, also have this restriction despite not having a shopkeeper that is involved in any ToonTask.