Tutorial Tom

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Tutorial Tom
Toon information
Gender Male
Species Dog
Color(s) Tan
Residential information
Building Tutorial Tom's building
Street Tutorial Terrace

Tutorial Tom is an NPC dog Toon who welcomes new Toons by providing a Toontorial and is the shopkeeper of his own building that is located on Tutorial Terrace.


Before defeating the Flunky:

  • "Hey, you must be the new Toon in town! Use the MOVEMENT KEYS to come over here."
  • "These are Cogs. They’re the business bots trying to take over Toontown."
  • "There are all sorts of Cogs."
  • "They turn happy Toon buildings..."
  • "...into ugly Cog buildings!"
  • "The Cogs are tough, but they can’t take a joke!"
  • "A good gag will put a stop to them."
  • "There are lots of gags, but Clara will tell you about them later. Take these two to start..."
  • "Oh! You also need a Laff meter!"
  • "When you run out of Laff, you’ll turn sad!"
  • "A happy Toon is a healthy Toon, you know."
  • "OH NO! There’s a Cog outside my shop!"
  • "HELP ME, PLEASE! Defeat that Cog!"
  • "Here is your first ToonTask!"
  • "Hurry up! Go defeat that Flunky!"

When spoken to again before defeating the Flunky:

  • "Greetings [Toon name]!"
  • "Keep trying to finish that task. I know you can do it!"
  • "Have fun in Toontown!"

After defeating the Flunky:

  • "Good job! You completed your first ToonTask!"
  • "Go to Toon Headquarters for your reward!"
  • "Have fun!"


  • An old version of Tutorial Tom, having a short muzzle and having an animation where his ears point up after noticing the Flunky outside his building, from the early days of Toontown Online was added to Toontown Rewritten.