Welcome Valley

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Welcome Valley is a district that new Toons enter when arriving to Toontown for the first time after leaving Tutorial Terrace. As Toontown's sub-district, there is more than one Welcome Valley. For example, a Toon could be in "Welcome Valley (Bounceboro)" while their friend could be in "Welcome Valley (Kaboom Cliffs)". Toontown Central, Goofy Speedway, and estates are the only areas that Toons can access while in Welcome Valley.


  • Welcome Valley was released on November 6, 2014.
  • If a Toon enters Welcome Valley while at any area other than Toontown Central, they always spawn in Toontown Central instead of the area they were previously at.
  • If a Toon enters Welcome Valley while being in a district that has an ongoing Cog Invasion, they can still earn double gag experience from defeating non-invasion Cogs in the streets of Toontown Central.
  • A Toon leaves Welcome Valley as soon as they leave Toontown Central, Goofy Speedway, or an estate by teleporting to another playground or a Cog headquarters. By doing so, the Toon enters the "main" district; for example, if they were in Welcome Valley (Bounceboro), they would enter Bounceboro upon teleporting.