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Districts are each an identical copy of Toontown. There are minor differences which vary depending on a district; these differences include the number of Toons, Cog Buildings, and Cog Invasions. Some districts also have restrictions. A district is "Quiet" when it has a population between 0 and 300, is "Ideal" when it has a population between 301 and 500, and is "Full" when it has a population that exceeds 500. When a district is "Draining" for maintenance, players are not able to enter it until maintenance concludes. Players present in a district at the time of "Draining" mode are silently moved to a pre-determined alternative district the next time their Toon changes areas.

A blue circle, green circle, red circle, and orange circle displayed on the list of districts are indications of "Quiet", "Ideal", "Full" and "Draining" districts, respectively. Toons cannot teleport to a "Full" district through the Shticker Book's districts page; however, they can teleport to friends in a "Full" district until its population exceeds 550. When a Toon tries to teleport to a friend who is in a district with more than 550 Toons, they receive a prompt saying "That district is bursting with Toons! You and your friend should move to a less busy one". Clicking a district name shows the number of Toons in that district, shows whether there is an ongoing Cog Invasion, and indicates whether the district is SpeedChat-only, safe from Cog Invasions, safe from Mega-Invasions and/or safe from certain holiday events.

Current districts

These are the current districts in Toontown Rewritten.

  • Blam Canyon
  • Boingbury
  • Bounceboro
  • Fizzlefield
  • Gulp Gulch
  • Hiccup Hills
  • Kaboom Cliffs
  • Kaboomberg
  • Splashport
  • Splat Summit
  • Splatville
  • Thwackville
  • Whoosh Rapids
  • Zapwood
  • Zoink Falls
  • Welcome Valley

SpeedChat-only districts

These districts have SpeedChat+ disabled and only allow SpeedChat. A SpeedChat icon is displayed next to a district's name to indicate that it is SpeedChat-only.

  • Boingbury
  • Gulp Gulch
  • Whoosh Rapids

Invasion safe districts

These districts are safe from all Cog Invasions. A message is displayed above the "Teleport Here!" button to indicate that a district is safe.

  • Gulp Gulch
  • Splat Summit
  • Zapwood
  • Welcome Valley

Event safe districts

These districts are safe from Mega-Invasions and certain holiday events (such as Fish Bingo, the Grand Prix, and Trolley Tracks). A message is displayed above the "Teleport Here!" button to indicate that a district is safe.

  • Blam Canyon
  • Whoosh Rapids
  • Welcome Valley

Temporary districts

These districts occasionally appear for a short period of time on special occasions, launching in pairs, in this order:

  • Bounce Grove and Patter Plains
  • Whamfield and Crunchville
  • Whirr Peak

Removed districts

These districts were introduced at some point in Toontown Rewritten's lifetime but were removed later on.

  • Acrylic Acres
  • Avant Gardens
  • Baroque Bluffs (previously named "Blinky Bluffs")
  • Bliss Bayou
  • Brush Bay
  • Calligraphy Cliff
  • Colorful Canvas (previously named "Blank Canvas")
  • Crayon Canyon
  • Easel Acres
  • Eraser Oasis (previously named "Inkwell Oasis")
  • Fortissimo Forest
  • Graphite Gulch
  • Inkville
  • Mosaic Marsh
  • Nutty River
  • Paintbrush Field (previously named "Paintbrush Hills")
  • Pastel Plains
  • Pianissimo Plateau (previously named "Pianissimo Plains")
  • Pigment Point
  • Renaissance River
  • Saturated Sketchbook
  • Sketch Summit (typoed as "Sktech Summit")
  • Stencil Steppe
  • Vibrant Valley
  • Watercolor Woods (previously named "Watercolor Park")

Developer build districts

These districts are known to exist in various developer builds of Toontown Rewritten.[1]

  • Devhaven
  • Framebuffer Falls
  • Shader Point
  • Sillycon Valley
  • Socket Springs

Ponyville was one district that was only present in a pre-Alpha developer build of Toontown Rewritten.[2] It was never shown in any developer build footages from 2017 and 2018.


  • During Alpha, Toontown Rewritten used a district interface from Toontown Online's earlier days that showed the number of Toons in a district rather than an indicator for "Quiet", "Ideal", or "Full".
  • Sketch Summit was an additional district added on the day of the Toon Council Presidential Elections occurring; the name contained a typo resulting in "Sktech Summit".
  • Avant Gardens was a pun on the French word, "Avant-Garde".
  • The number of Toons needed to make a district "Full" was at one point lowered to 400 and then later increased to 500.
  • There was once a safe icon displayed on the list of districts to indicate super safe districts, which was eventually removed.
  • Toontown Online's well-known district, Nutty River, temporarily returned for a short period of time that coincided with the arrival of Cartoonival in 2023.