Shticker Book

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The Shticker Book is a special book that every Toon in Toontown carries with them after being given by HQ Harry. It is in the shape of a green journal with a yellow box and blue question mark on the cover, which has a variety of uses that provide information to a player's Toon. There are many pages to the Shticker Book that Toons may navigate through.


Options & Codes

As the first page of the Shticker Book, the "Options & Codes" page allows Toons to redeem codes, change color of their SpeedChat menu, open the Options menu, and exit Toontown.


Main page: Map of Toontown

The "Map" page provides an overview of all areas across Toontown, where Toons can teleport to any playground or Cog headquarters should they have teleport access. A "Go Home" button is also available for Toons to teleport to their estate.


Main page: Districts

The "Districts" page provides a list of districts. It shows the overall population of Toontown and the population of each district.


The "Inventory" page shows a Toon's entire inventory, comprised of gags, SOS cards, pink slips, remote controls, and their doodle's tricks. Combined into one page are a section for gags and a secondary section for rewards.


Main page: ToonTask

The "ToonTasks" page shows a Toon's set of ToonTasks, up to four available slots.

Gag Track Training

The "Gag Track Training" page provides information about a Toon's progress on obtaining a new gag track. It shows the progress of obtained animation frames; whenever a ToonTask for an animation frame of a specific track is completed, the frame is added onto the page.

Cog Gallery

Main page: Cog Gallery

The "Cog Gallery" page provides information about Cogs and is where Toons can use Cog Summons.


Main page: Fishing

The "Fishing" page provides information about a Toon's fishing stats. It shows the number of fish in bucket (up to 20), total jellybean values, fishing rod and weight capacity, album with various fish species and personal records, and fishing trophies.


Main page: Racing

The "Karts" page provides information about a Toon's racing stats. It shows the Toon's kart, racing records, and racing trophies.

Cog Disguises

Main page: Cog Disguise

The "Cog Disguises" page provides information about a Toon's Cog Disguises. It shows earned parts of a Cog Disguise, Merits progression for the Sellbot Cog Disguise, Cogbucks progression for the Cashbot Cog Disguise, Jury Notices progression for the Lawbot Cog Disguise, and Stock Options progression for the Bossbot Cog Disguise.

Resistance Rank

Main page: Resistance Rank

The "Resistance Rank" page is awarded to Toons after they complete a ToonTask to join the Toon Resistance. It shows a Toon's progress on awarded stamps, badges, and Sellbot Skill Points from completion of ToonTasks offered by the Sellbot Task Force.

Silly Meter

Main page: Silly Meter

The "Silly Meter" page is where Toontown's silly levels are tracked and where Toons can teleport directly to Toon Hall through the click of a button. It shows an overview of the Silly Reader with three Silly Teams and Toontown's global Silly Points, along with overall Silly Points attained by Toons and eliminated by Cogs, including a Toon's own Silly Points. Such stats are not displayed when the Silly Meter is maxed or cooling down.


Main page: Gardening

The "Gardening" page provides information about a Toon's gardening stats. It shows the number of flowers in a basket (up to 20), number of jellybeans that awarded when sold to the wheelbarrow, flowers held in a basket, gardening kit type and experience, shovel type and experience, and gardening specials (mainly statues).


Main page: Golfing

The "Golf" page provides information about a Toon's golf stats. It shows golfing trophies and personal records for each type of golf course played.


The "Snapshots" page shows a player's screenshots. Screenshots can be deleted, captions can be added to screenshots, and the Toontown Rewritten folder from the computer where screenshots are stored can be located.


The "Events" page provides information on current events. It shows a calendar with all of Toontown's events, current Toontown time in PT (Pacific Time), and hosted parties.


  • According to Toontown Rewritten's trading card, the Shticker Book was first published by a Toon named Carl Woofs. Carl Woofs is a reference to Carl Barks, an illustrator and comic book creator who worked for The Walt Disney Company.