Toontown Rewritten:Migration

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The time finally came for Toontown Rewritten to receive an independent wiki. Due to several problems surrounding Fandom, the new Toontown Rewritten Wiki is now powered by MediaWiki and hosted on We strongly recommend avoiding visiting the Fandom version of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki as it will no longer contain up-to-date information. Moving forward, the new Toontown Rewritten Wiki is the best place to find up-to-date information.

What's next?

Unfortunately, the Fandom version of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki will continue to exist for as long as it "has to" and dominate SEO (search engine optimization). For the new Toontown Rewritten Wiki to succeed in SEO, we ask for the help of the Toontown community to spread the word and avoid clicking on Fandom links. Please spread the word on Toontown-related channels (social media platforms, Discord servers, etc.) and click on links. The Toontown Rewritten Team are here to help promote and have also released a blog post detailing the migration.

Consider installing the Indie Wiki Buddy browser extension to easily find and support independent wikis. The Toontown Rewritten Wiki was submitted for the browser extension and is now available on there.

Migrating accounts

All users who created a Fandom account can migrate by visiting Special:MigrateUserAccount. Please follow the instructions there.