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When running a wiki dedicated to a family-friendly massively multiplayer online game like Toontown Rewritten, certain policies are implemented to ensure that the Toontown Rewritten Wiki is the best it can be. Although the Toontown Rewritten Wiki is community-ran, high standards for its content akin to those of the Toontown Rewritten Team for Toontown Rewritten should be respected, as if it was "official".

Our policy pages, including this page, can be found in the "Policy" category.


Abide by professional standards of editing
Professional standards of editing are enforced so that pages are written in a consistent, concise, and precise manner. Visit the style manual for more information.
Do not upload unoriginal media
Avoid uploading media that do not pertain to Toontown Rewritten. Visit the media policy for more information.
Do not plagiarize
Avoid using words or ideas from other sources.
Do not vandalize
Avoid sabotaging pages by intentionally removing and/or replacing content.
Assume good faith
Despite potential disagreements that may arise when editing, assume good faith with other users to prevent conflict.
Never use inappropriate language or post illegal/inappropriate content
Inappropriate language of any form and illegal or inappropriate content of any kind are highly against Toontown's family-friendly environment and therefore never permitted on the Toontown Rewritten Wiki.