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The Toontown Rewritten Wiki is an encyclopedia that provides information about Toontown Rewritten. Thanks to many Toontown community members who have contributed to create pages since September 21, 2013, the Toontown Rewritten Wiki has grown with more content than ever before. Anyone is welcome to join in and help contribute.

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A Sellbot Field Office is a menacing Boss Building that takes over Toon Headquarters in the streets of Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, and Donald's Dreamland. Unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, a Sellbot Field Office not only takes over Toon Headquarters but also contains two Cog office minigames and is operated by an all-new Boss Cog. When Toon Headquarters in a street is taken over, it is taken over across all districts of Toontown. Multiple groups of Toons are each transported to a single wing of a Sellbot Field Office called an annex. Many annexes need to be taken down for a Sellbot Field Office to be conquered. Although Sellbot Field Offices most commonly have tiers ranging from one star to three stars, they can go up to four stars.

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