Cog facilities

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Cog facilities are areas found in every Cog headquarters, consisting of rooms containing Cog battles and various obstacles that Toons need to trespass through. Toons often infiltrate these facilities to earn Cog Disguise promotions.

Sellbot Factory

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The Sellbot Factory is a Cog facility located on the right side of Sellbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode Scrap Factory and a hard-mode Steel Factory. Toons often infiltrate the Sellbot Factory to obtain parts of their Sellbot Cog Disguise or to recover Merits for promotions. At the Center Silo Control Room is where The Factory Foreman resides.

Cashbot Mints

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The Cashbot Mints is a Cog facility located in the middle of Cashbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode Coin Mint and a hard-mode Bullion Mint. Toons often infiltrate the Cashbot Mints to recover Cogbucks for promotions on their Cashbot Cog Disguise. Near the Mint Vault is where The Mint Auditor resides.

Lawbot DA Offices

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The Lawbot DA Offices is a Cog facility located on the right side of Lawbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode Junior Wing and a hard-mode Senior Wing containing two floors. Toons often infiltrate the Lawbot DA Offices to recover Jury Notices for promotions on their Lawbot Cog Disguise. In the Law Library is where The Office Clerk resides.

Bossbot Golf Courses

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The Bossbot Golf Courses is a Cog facility located on the left and right side of Bossbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode First Fairway and a hard-mode Final Fringe containing two holes. Toons often infiltrate the Bossbot Golf Courses to recover Stock Options for promotions on their Bossbot Cog Disguise. Near the Final Hole is where The Club President resides.


  • In Toontown Online, the outputs of Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, or Stock Options were mainly half the amount available in Toontown Rewritten. It was required to defeat the final facility battle while a Cog Invasion was undergoing for the outputs to be doubled.
    • As well in Toontown Online, there were laff restrictions for certain types of a Cog facility. In Toontown Rewritten, such laff restrictions were replaced by laff warnings.
  • The Cashbot Mints and the Bossbot Golf Courses are both located in the main headquarters area, whereas the Sellbot Factory and the Lawbot DA Offices are located in lobby areas.