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A Cog Disguise is a metal suit pioneered by Lord Lowden Clear for Toons to disguise themselves as a specific Cog and infiltrate a Boss Cog's domain in a Cog headquarters. Each Cog headquarters uses a different Cog Disguise corresponding to the department. Toons can obtain parts of the Sellbot Cog Disguise by infiltrating the Sellbot Factory and defeating The Factory Foreman ten times. Unlike the Sellbot Cog Disguise, Toons can only obtain parts of the Cashbot Cog Disguise, Lawbot Cog Disguise, and Bossbot Cog Disguise by completing ToonTasks.

Once parts of a Cog Disguise are obtained, Toons can begin earning promotions by defeating Cogs. For the Sellbot Cog Disguise, Merits are earned; for the Cashbot Cog Disguise, Cogbucks are earned; for the Lawbot Cog Disguise, Jury Notices are earned; and for the Bossbot Cog Disguise, Stock Options are earned. As Toons obtain Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, and Stock Options, they can see a bar next to their gag experience rise when battling the Cogs of the respective departments. Once a Toon obtains enough for a Cog Disguise, the bar says "Ready for promotion!".

After defeating a Boss Cog, a Toon's Cog Disguise is promoted. Once the Toon's Cog Disguise reaches level 50, they no longer need to receive Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, and Stock Options to battle each Boss Cog. Reaching level 13 grants teleport access to a Cog headquarters while reaching levels 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 grants a single laff boost, totaling up to five laff boosts for each Cog Disguise. After reaching level 50, Toons can optionally upgrade a Cog Disguise to Version 2.0, progress to level 50 again, and have the ability to switch it to any of the predecessor Cogs.

Cog Disguises

Sellbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Sellbot Cog Disguise
  1. Cold Caller (levels 1-5)
  2. Telemarketer (levels 2-6)
  3. Name Dropper (levels 3-7)
  4. Glad Hander (levels 4-8)
  5. Mover & Shaker (levels 5-9)
  6. Two-Face (levels 6-10)
  7. The Mingler (levels 7-11)
  8. Mr. Hollywood (levels 8-50)
  9. Version 2.0 Sellbot Cog Disguise (levels 8-50)

Cashbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Cashbot Cog Disguise
  1. Short Change (levels 1-5)
  2. Penny Pincher (levels 2-6)
  3. Tightwad (levels 3-7)
  4. Bean Counter (levels 4-8)
  5. Number Cruncher (levels 5-9)
  6. Money Bags (levels 6-10)
  7. Loan Shark (levels 7-11)
  8. Robber Baron (levels 8-50)
  9. Version 2.0 Cashbot Cog Disguise (levels 8-50)

Lawbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Lawbot Cog Disguise
  1. Bottom Feeder (levels 1-5)
  2. Bloodsucker (levels 2-6)
  3. Double Talker (levels 3-7)
  4. Ambulance Chaser (levels 4-8)
  5. Back Stabber (levels 5-9)
  6. Spin Doctor (levels 6-10)
  7. Legal Eagle (levels 7-11)
  8. Big Wig (levels 8-50)
  9. Version 2.0 Lawbot Cog Disguise (levels 8-50)

Bossbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Bossbot Cog Disguise
  1. Flunky (levels 1-5)
  2. Pencil Pusher (levels 2-6)
  3. Yesman (levels 3-7)
  4. Micromanager (levels 4-8)
  5. Downsizer (levels 5-9)
  6. Head Hunter (levels 6-10)
  7. Corporate Raider (levels 7-11)
  8. The Big Cheese (levels 8-50)
  9. Version 2.0 Bossbot Cog Disguise (levels 8-50)


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