Cashbot Vault

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Cashbot Vault
Basic information
Department Cashbots
Location Cashbot Headquarters
Area information
Special Cogs Goons
Boss information
Minimum Cog level 1
Maximum Cog level 12
Boss Cog Chief Financial Officer

The Cashbot Vault is a Cog facility located in Cashbot Headquarters that is home to the Chief Financial Officer. To enter the Cashbot Vault, Toons must enter the lobby. Up to eight Toons can access the elevator leading to the Cashbot Vault and battle the Chief Financial Officer inside. Only Toons that obtain enough Cogbucks for their Cashbot Cog Disguise promotions can access the elevator.


The lobby has a marble style and has glowing lights aligned along the outer floor, some positions on the ceiling, and inside the elevator. Large windows are adorned along the side of the lobby where tall towers in Cashbot Headquarters can be viewed. A large marble staircase leads up to the elevator, which has the signature Cashbot dollar sign printed on top of it.


The Cashbot Vault is a room full of large safes and vault doors that presumably store Cogbucks. Inside the Cashbot Vault lies one room that the Chief Financial Officer enters out of to confront Toons, and another room where cranes are operated.