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Goons are one-eyed, two-legged robotic guards that project a searchlight out of their eye to inflict damage upon Toons. They can be stunned by jumping on their helmets, though they recalibrate after several seconds. They commonly appear in the Cog facilities such as the Sellbot Factory, Cashbot Mints, and Lawbot DA Offices; and also appear in the Cashbot Vault during the Chief Financial Officer boss battle.


There are several variants of goons. Most of them are exclusively seen in the Cashbot Vault.

Type Damage Location(s)
Mini 2 Cashbot Vault
Small 3-10 Sellbot Factory
Cashbot Mints
Cashbot Vault
Medium 8-14 Cashbot Vault
Big 10-19 Cashbot Vault
Large 12-24 Cashbot Vault
Huge 15-30 Cashbot Vault
Security 15-28 Lawbot DA Offices

Cashbot Vault

When goons are stunned during the Chief Financial Officer boss battle, they may produce a treasure. There can be a maximum of between 8 to 16 goons, which is dependent on the Chief Financial Officer's health. More goons tend to appear when the Chief Financial Officer's health is green.

Goon damage Treasure Heal
1-10 Ice cream cone 3
11-15 Starfish 10
11-15 Daisy 10
11-15 Music note 10
16-30 Snowflake 12
16-30 ZZZ 12



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