Vice President

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Vice President
Cog information
Department Sellbots
Location Sellbot Towers
Attack information
Number of attacks 6
Weakest attacks Bump
Strongest attacks Jump
Lowest damage 1
Highest damage 10
Preceded by
Mr. Hollywood
Succeeded by
The Chairman

The Senior Vice President of Sales, commonly known as the Vice President or the V.P., is the Boss Cog of the Sellbots. He resides at the Sellbot Towers in Sellbot Headquarters.


  • "You are hereby promoted to full-fledged Sellbots. Congratulations!"
  • "Go! And make that sale!"
  • "Welcome, new Cogs! You are hereby promoted to full-fledged Sellbots. Congratu--"
  • "Huh? Toons! In disguise!"


To battle the Vice President, Toons must earn parts for their Sellbot Cog Disguise by successfully defeating the Factory Foreman ten times in the Sellbot Factory.

The boss battle begins as Toons slowly approach the Vice President while he congratulates his Sellbots for their promotion and tells them to make a sale. As he tries to congratulate his "new Sellbots" for their promotion, the captured shopkeeper accidentally exposes them for being Toons. Toons are removed from their Sellbot Cog Disguises and the Vice President initiates the first Cog battle round shortly afterward.

Cog battle

After the Vice President overhears the shopkeeper, Toons enter a battle with Cogs ranging from level 1 to level 12.

Skelecog battle

The shopkeeper's cage moves slightly down and the Vice President moves close to the elevator. Toons enter a battle with Skelecogs ranging from level 8 to level 12.

Vice President battle

The shopkeeper provides Toons with an infinite amount of Whole Cream Pies when they jump up and touch the cage. Toons must use Whole Cream Pies to push the Vice President away from the elevator and to the cliff of the Sellbot Towers. Whole Cream Pies are thrown by pressing the Perform Action key (Delete by default) and can be used to stun the Vice President by aiming them into his undercarriage when it opens to shoot out gears. While the Vice President is stunned, any Whole Cream Pies that hit his face or torso pushes him further back; Whole Cream Pies that affect the Vice President have a yellow "Splat!" effect, while ineffective Whole Cream Pies have a gray "Splat!" effect. Toons can also use Whole Cream Pies on other Toons to restore laff. Once the Vice President is defeated, he will roll backwards off the cliff of the Sellbot Towers. Toons then perform a victory dance as they receive skill points for gags and credit for ToonTasks (if any), earn a promotion for their Sellbot Cog Disguise, and are awarded two SOS cards by the shopkeeper.


  • Bump: Toons lose one laff point when bumping into the Vice President's undercarriage.
  • Swipe: The Vice President swipes at Toons who bump into him if they are near him, deducting five laff points. Other Toons nearby can be affected by this attack as well.
  • Throw Gears: The Vice President targets a single Toon and throws a set of gears at them, deducting three laff points if hit. The targeted Toon can move backward or run in any other direction away from the gears to avoid the attack.
  • Gear Shower: The Vice President spins his torso, causing gears to fly out of his body, deducting three laff points from Toons nearby. Toons can simply move away from him to avoid the attack.
  • Undercarriage Gears: The Vice President's undercarriage opens up and gears shoot out of it, which deduct two laff points. When this happens, a Toon should throw Whole Cream Pies into the opening to stun him.
  • Jump: The Vice President jumps up and slams back down to the ground, deducting 10 laff points from any Toon who remains on the ground. This is a powerful attack that can be avoided by pressing the Jump key (Control by default). Whenever the Vice President jumps, he begins to slowly move back up towards the elevator. If there are no Toons in his range, he jumps nonstop until one Toon comes near him. Jumping multiple times in a row without being stunned causes his forward speed to increase.

Origin of name

A "Vice President" is an individual who is responsible for establishing the sales targets to meet a company's objectives.


  • The Vice President was first seen in a pre-Beta video of Toontown Rewritten that was uploaded by Joey before the release of Beta.[1]
  • The Vice President is the only boss battle where:
    • the entire battle is fought outside of a facility rather than within its interior.
    • there are two turn-based combat rounds consisting of Cogs and Skelecogs separately.
    • the Boss Cog does not say something when defeated.
  • When the Vice President is idle, he is stationary but eventually starts to move forward slowly after jumping. He also speeds up every time he starts to jump. Once he is stunned, he then once more becomes stationary.
  • The Vice President has two different faces; one that smiles and the other that frowns.
  • The Vice President is the only boss battle that was affected by the Silly Surges of the Silly Meter's first maxing that occurred on March 13, 2019, where he could not withstand the maximum silliness, which caused him to roll off the cliff of the Sellbot Towers on his own, allowing Toons to secure a victory by default.[2]


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