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A Laff Meter displaying a Toon's remaining laff points.

Laff is a Toon's health points that are measured on a Laff Meter invented by Doctor Surlee. The Laff Meter resembles the head of a Toon's species and is shown at the bottom left corner of the interface. Toons start with 15 laff as they enter Toontown for the first time but can currently progress to reach the maximum amount of 140 laff without any form of special perks. When a Toon's laff hits zero, they become sad and are sent back to the nearest playground with their gags taken away by the Cogs.

A single laff point refills on a Toon's Laff Meter as they idle in a playground or at their estate. Treasures can be collected for the Toon to regain their laff once they gained at least one laff point.

Attainable laff points

Below is a table showing attainable laff points. Completing ToonTasks, maxing certain activities, and maxing Cog Disguises are essential to reaching maxed laff.

Attained from Laff boost Total laff amount
Create-a-Toon 15 15
Toontown Central ToonTasks 10 25
Donald's Dock ToonTasks 9 34
Daisy Gardens ToonTasks 9 43
Minnie's Melodyland ToonTasks 9 52
The Brrrgh ToonTasks 9 61
Donald's Dreamland ToonTasks 39 100
Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks 3 103
Maxed Sellbot Cog Disguise 5 108
Maxed Cashbot Cog Disguise 5 113
Maxed Lawbot Cog Disguise 5 118
Maxed Bossbot Cog Disguise 5 123
Fishing trophies 7 130
Gardening trophies 4 134
Racing trophies 3 137
Golfing trophies 3 140
Silly Team perk (Overjoyed Laff Meters) 8 148
  • The Overjoyed Laff Meters perk is temporary and lasts for a few days before the Silly Meter enters a cooldown phase.


  • Laff is a portmanteau on "laugh" and "life".
  • The Laff Meter smiles when it has full health but grins when laff points are depleted.
  • Colliding with freight trains in Cashbot Headquarters and stepping into the oil fountain in Bossbot Headquarters can deduct laff points.
  • During the final battle of each of the four boss Cogs, a Toon's Laff Meter is displayed above their head while they are missing some of their laff. This small feature made its first appearance during Doomsday in the Alpha stage of Toontown Rewritten.
  • When the Overjoyed Laff Meters Silly Team is awarded after the Silly Meter maxes if it wins, all Toons across Toontown temporarily receive an additional eight laff points. A Toon's Laff Meter glows up and laff points are shown in orange to indicate the perk.