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The Create-a-Toon screen when beginning to create a Toon.

Create-a-Toon is the process of creating a Toon for a player to control. After a Toon is created, they either proceed to the Toontorial or proceed to Toontown Central if the Toontorial is skipped. Players that play Toontown Rewritten for the first time are required to enter the Toontorial when creating their first Toon but no longer have to enter the Toontorial when creating more Toons.


A player can select their Toon's style by clicking on one of the two blue buttons. Clicking the blue button on the right also gives the Toon eyelashes, which can be toggled on or off through the wardrobe.



There is a selection of 11 total species that players may create. They include: dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, horses, mice, monkeys, bears, pigs, crocodiles, and deer.

Head, body, and legs

Toons can have a small or big head, along with a small or big muzzle. Their body can be short, tall, or chubby. Their legs can be stubby, neutral, or long.


Main page: Toon colors

There are several colors for Toons to choose from. Toons start out in the Create-a-Toon process with a single color, but different colors can be selected. A variety of colors can be selected for head, body, and legs.


Main page: Clothing

Toons can select a variety of shirts, shorts, and skirts to wear.


A Toon can be named through two different methods, which are pre-generated names and the option to type a name.

  • Pre-generated names are pre-selected names given by Toontown Rewritten. These names are acceptable and do not have to be approved by the Toon Council.
  • "Type-a-Name" is another way a Toon can be named. However, names that are not available in the list of pre-generated names need to be reviewed. Therefore, when playing on a Toon whose name has yet to be accepted, their name is based on the color of the Toon's head and the species they selected; e.g. Aqua Dog, Royal Blue Duck, Yellow Rabbit, etc.

Some names are automatically rejected before being sent to review. This happens if the name is too long, longer than four words, too short, contains numbers, contains no vowels, contains unsupported characters, contains too many of the same character, contains dashes without connecting words, contains too many capital letters or all capital letters, contains improperly used periods, begins or ends with a comma, or contains copyrighted/blocklisted words. All names are to abide by Toontown Rewritten's Toon Name Guidelines.