Toon Council

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Members of the Toon Council meeting with shopkeepers virtually in light of social distancing to discuss plans.

The Toon Council is a group of Toons under the direction of Flippy. They are tasked with keeping Toontown in tip-top shape. On April 19, 2014, the Toon Council Presidential Elections was held to elect the president of the Toon Council. Members of the Toon Council can be found as NPCs in certain Toon Buildings and/or appear as Cast Members. Certain members of the Toon Council, known as Toon Troopers, are often identified by their yellow whistle badge and occasionally roam around Toontown to host events such as parties.



  • Even though Slappy was elected as Toon Council president, Flippy reluctantly accepted to fulfill the role.
  • The Toon Council fills the responsibility of accepting the names of new Toon residents.
  • Lil Oldman was the only known and confirmed member of the Toon Council besides Flippy in Toontown Online.