Cast Members

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Cast Members are representatives of the Toontown Rewritten Team identified by certain special badges. There are currently four types of badges, three of which represent a Cast Member while one represents the Toontown Rewritten Team.

Toon Troopers, Resistance Rangers, and Featured Toons are Cast Members. They have unique personalities and interests, and exist in Toontown Rewritten's storyline. As a result, the identity of a Toontown Rewritten Team member controlling a Cast Member Toon remains anonymous. It is normal for each Toontown Rewritten Team member to have a main, or "staff", Toon that uses the blue eye badge. The identity of said staff Toon is not considered to be a secret, although some Toontown Rewritten Team members prefer not to share this information. Staff Toons are not considered to be Cast Members.

Toon Troopers

Toon Troopers, identified by their yellow whistle badge, work for the Toon Council under the direction of Flippy. They are tasked with keeping Toontown in tip-top shape, whether it be building new areas or helping Postmaster Pete deliver mail.

Resistance Rangers

Resistance Rangers, identified by their green fist badge, are brave Toons that work for the Toon Resistance under the direction of Lord Lowden Clear and help lead the fight against the Cogs. Toons who help them in the fight against the Cogs could potentially land themselves a Sellbot Cog-Crusher Outfit or a Cashbot Cog-Crusher Outfit of their own.

Featured Toons

Featured Toons, identified by their pink megaphone badge, are well-known Toons such as Flippy, Doctor Surlee, and Lil Oldman.

Staff Toons

Staff Toons, identified by their blue eye badge, are members of the Toontown Rewritten Team playing the game regularly. They are happy to answer questions, take suggestions, and talk to players about what is going on with the Toontown Rewritten Team in a more personal way.


  • As of the 2.7.0 update that was released on December 15, 2020, the name on the exterior of a Cast Member's house now appears to be a randomized name selection from the Pick-a-Name list.[1]
  • If a former Toontown Rewritten Team member attempts to select a Cast Member Toon on the Pick-a-Toon screen, a message pops up saying that they need to join the Toontown Rewritten Team in order to use that Toon.
    • The message is similar to the one received by players without a membership subscription when they attempted to select a locked slot on the Pick-a-Toon screen in Toontown Online.