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A house is the home of a Toon located at their estate. Each Toontown Rewritten player account has six houses, one for each Toon created on the account. Humble Abode is the default house exterior that Toons automatically own.


A house that is owned by a Toon has their name displayed. Outside a Toon's house near the front door is a mailbox where the Toon receives purchased, rented, gifted, or awarded items. After a Toon purchases a gardening kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog, gardening trays and tree plots appear around their house that allows the Toon to begin gardening.


Inside a house, a Toon can find several default furniture items and other furnishings that can only be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog via the telephone. A house has two rooms and two windows, which can be decorated with new backdrops and styles by purchasing them from the Cattlelog.


Toons can customize the interior of their house by clicking the "Move furniture" button found in the top left corner of the screen right below the SpeedChat and SpeedChat+ buttons. The interface provides several options for a Toon to view items (in the attic, room, or trash), move items around the room, get a closer or farther view of the room, move around to adjust the view of the room, and trash items by clicking the trash button.

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