SpeedChat Plus

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The SpeedChat+ button that says "Chat".

SpeedChat+ is a way of communicating with other players in Toontown Rewritten using typed phrases and messages, which can be used by clicking on the blue SpeedChat+ button at the top left corner of a player's screen or by simply typing. The system is limited to a dictionary commonly referred to as an "allow list", or the "Toontown dictionary" in the case of Toontown, in order to reduce profanity and the risk of offering personal information to other players, both of which are violations of Toontown Rewritten's Terms of Service. If a player tries to type something that is not included in the Toontown dictionary or is otherwise blocked due to a "blocklist", a single noise correlating with a Toon's species appears, no matter how many words are typed.

Players can type a period in the beginning of their message to create a thought bubble. Thought bubbles stay above a Toon's head longer than typed messages, but unlike typed messages, thought bubbles do not make sounds and stay above their head until they fall asleep or type another message. Toons who enter any zone with a thought bubble already typed by other Toons cannot see it. A speech bubble can be instantly removed, rather than waiting for it to expire, by simply typing a period.

Predictive text can be enabled for SpeedChat+ in the Options menu under "gameplay settings". This displays suggestions for the closest word in the Toontown dictionary to what a player is typing. To accept the suggestion, press Tab.

Character range

All characters in the filter are non-control characters in ASCII. Characters not in that range (e.g. Arabic script) cannot be used, and when attempting to write them in SpeedChat using Ctrl + V to copy and paste, they would automatically convert to question marks. Some non-ASCII characters do not convert to question marks but trigger an in-game notification saying "Toontown Rewritten does not currently support non-ascii characters." when attempting to send. Sending non-ASCII characters previously crashed the game.


  • Although SpeedChat+ is automatically disabled for new accounts, it can be enabled (or disabled again after enabling) via Toontown Rewritten's website in account settings. Players with SpeedChat+ disabled cannot use the blue SpeedChat+ button nor communicate with other SpeedChat+ players.
  • In Toontown Online, numbers (both numerical and written) could not be used. However, in Toontown Rewritten, numbers ranging from 1 to 137+ (excluding certain numbers with inappropriate meanings), Cog Disguise promotion values, and other miscellaneous numbers (e.g. 9001) can be typed.
  • Many appropriate words that were disallowed in Toontown Online's dictionary are allowed in Toontown Rewritten's dictionary, which include but are not limited to: abbreviations (e.g. m8), slang (e.g. meme), brand names (e.g. m&m), websites (e.g. toontownrewritten.com), pop culture (e.g. wumbo), names of Toontown Rewritten Team members (e.g. JoeyZio), and miscellaneous (e.g. thisisasecretmessage, thiswaswrittenbysirmax).