Doctor Surlee

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Doctor Surlee
Toon information
Full name Surlee Gyro Gearloose
Also known as Gyro Gearloose
Role Director of Loony Labs and Scientoon for S.I.L.L.I.
Affiliation Loony Labs
Toon Council
Gender Male
Species Monkey
Color(s) Orange
Residential information
Building Toon Hall
Playground Toontown Central

Doctor Surlee is an NPC monkey Toon who is commonly known as the director of Loony Labs and a member of the S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing) team. He can be found in Toon Hall inspecting the Silly Meter with the rest of the Scientoons. Toons may visit him to obtain a ToonTask that awards a Silly Reader and learn more about the functionality of the Silly Meter.


Activating the time reversal

Doctor Surlee traveling back in time to October 26, 1998, and starting "The Rewritten Experiment".
"My name is Gyro Gearloose, and today my story is rewritten."
―Doctor Surlee before being rewritten.[src]

In the Toontown Online timeline, after Doomsday, Gyro Gearloose revisited his personal lab that was transformed into Cog Nation. He eventually rewrote himself to assume his new identity as Doctor Surlee by using "The Rewritten Device" that he invented. He used his unstable pocketwatch to activate the time reversal and travel back in time to October 26th of 1998.

Causing unforeseen anomalies

"...October 26th, 1998. That's the day I came back to. The day that, as they say, I threw a gigantic rock into the fabric of time that has caused ripples every month following it."
―Doctor Surlee in his "Info.txt" document via

A series of anomalies that occurred on the 26th was caused by the imperfections of Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch. Ripples occurred on the 26th, starting with the first ripple that occurred on November 26th in 2013 (2002).[1] Many of the ripples revealed blueprints of Doctor Surlee's inventions, like the portable hole.

Doctor Surlee was soon met by two Toons who were previously known as "The Two" on April 26, 2014 (2003) for the first time. With every appearance they made, they expressed their significant understanding of the 26th and what Doctor Surlee was trying to accomplish. Knowing that he was going to need their help, Doctor Surlee triggered a ripple by creating a blog post announcing the return of on January 25, 2018 (2007)[2], right before the 26th, to lure out "The Two". Documents and research reports found on Loony Labs' website proved that "The Two" were Doctor Fissionton as both a dog and a cat.

A secret unveiled

"I wanted to trigger a ripple in order to lure out the Two... Err, the Fissiontons... But I never expected anything of that magnitude. A tidalwave. I was scared to face the town after the entirety of my secret was unveiled."
―Doctor Surlee when Toons approached him with the "Good luck!" SpeedChat phrase during the Silly Particle search.

With all of Toontown, even Flippy, knowing Doctor Surlee's secret ever since LL-TERMINAL26's transmission via, he was afraid to come out of hiding from his personal lab. When Toons sent reports to Loony Labs about a certain fire hydrant on Silly Street trying to spring to life, Doctor Surlee knew he could not pass up on the opportunity to do some research on silliness. Toons were instructed to collect 2,600,000 Silly Particles to help Doctor Surlee with his research. Once all Silly Particles were collected, Doctor Surlee met with Doctor Fissionton inside Toon Hall's secret room.

With the help of Doctor Fissionton and the rest of Loony Labs, Doctor Surlee reconstructed a brand new Silly Meter that propelled Toontown's silliness to new heights that had never been achieved before. After years of hard work, Doctor Surlee's latest invention was completed and was released to Toontown on March 6, 2019 (2008). About a week later on March 13th, the Silly Meter maxed for the first time and ended the anomalies of the 26th.


  • Doctor Surlee is a member of the Toon Council.
  • A "Toon News for the Amused!" page about Loony Labs from Toontown Online stated that Doctor Surlee never cracked a smile, which Joey confirmed is still true in Toontown Rewritten's storyline.
  • Because Doctor Surlee is Gyro Gearloose, his full name is Surlee Gyro Gearloose.