Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch

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Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Fissionton look down at Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch.

Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch is a device that allowed him to activate the time reversal and travel back in time to October 26th of 1998. Doctor Surlee worked on a prototype of the pocketwatch that did not exactly turn out to look like the pocketwatch in his blueprint. The state from which Doctor Fissionton found Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch was unstable and ripped him away from time, resulting in him being split into two and creating an alternate version of himself as a cat.[1] The pocketwatch revealed an anomaly caused by Doctor Surlee's time travel, that is the 26th.

While working away at blueprints for a redesigned Silly Meter, Doctor Surlee discovered that his pocketwatch caused the Fissiontons to flicker for the first time.[2] The flickering continued to happen periodically for months to come, and by the time "The Final Plan" was near completion, the Fissiontons found themselves struggling to stay anchored to Toontown's timeline.


  • Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch represents the letter "O" for Toontown Rewritten's official logo.
  • In the real world, pocketwatches are generally attached with a chain and contain a hunter-case. Because Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch does not have a chain and a hunter-case, it looks more like a stopwatch. Captain Sandy once referred to it as a stopwatch despite being usually known as a pocketwatch.[3]