Silly Reader

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The Silly Reader is a tool used by Toons to keep track of Silly Meter statistics, which can be accessed from the Shticker Book's "Silly Meter" page. Obtaining the Silly Reader requires a Toon to have at least 30 laff and/or have a level 4 gag, and requires the Toon to complete a ToonTask offered by Loony Labs Scientoons. Toons in possession of a Silly Reader can view their own Silly Points, view global Silly Points, view how Toons are generating Silly Points and how Cogs are lowering Silly Points, and join a Silly Team to place their Silly Points towards.


Once Toons had reached 30 laff and/or obtained a level 4 gag, they can obtain the ToonTask by speaking to one of five Loony Labs Scientoons located inside Toon Hall in Toontown Central. The Silly Reader is awarded upon completion of the ToonTask.

  1. Recover 75 tokens in Maze Game on the Trolley in the playground
  2. Return to Loony Labs Scientoon (Toon Hall, Toontown Central)
  3. Recover 5 Silliness Suckers from the Cogs (Anywhere)
  4. Participate in a race (Goofy Speedway)
  5. Return to Loony Labs Scientoon


  • The Silliness Suckers that Toons are instructed to recover were developed by the Cogs in order to absorb Silly Particles present in the surrounding airspace across Toontown, as mentioned in a Cogalogue.[1]