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The Trolley is a transporter, invented by Doctor Surlee, that allows a maximum of four Toons to play minigames and earn jellybeans. It is accessible in every playground, excluding Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. It can be simply accessed by walking onto the wooden flooring in front of the Trolley. Once boarded, a counter begins to count down from nine to zero. On a Thursday or a Silly Saturday, Trolley Tracks is a unique minigame that is only playable when a minimum of two Toons board the Trolley; if more than one Toon boards the Trolley, the minigame is not optional and must be played. After a minigame, participating Toons have the option of exiting or purchasing gags with jellybeans from Goofy's Gag Shop within the Trolley area. Jellybeans earned in excess of a Toon's jellybean pouch capacity carries over to their jellybean bank until it becomes full.


Single player



  • The Trolley is based on a tram, a vehicle that runs on rails used for transportation.
  • Trolley minigames in Toontown Central tend to be the least challenging while the minigames in Donald's Dreamland tend to be the most challenging.
  • The same Trolley minigame cannot be played twice in a row, unless it is selected multiple times in Trolley Tracks.
  • Toons who are sad cannot board the Trolley.