Jungle Vines

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Jungle Vines
Basic information
Time limit 60 seconds
Number of Toons 1-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans 37 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans 63 jellybeans

Jungle Vines is a Trolley minigame. It can be played any number of Toons.


The objective is to reach the rightmost vine. Scattered across the jungle are bananas for Toons to collect and earn points. There are also bats flying and spiders crawling on the vines, which cause Toons to fall and restart from the last vine grabbed when colliding with them. A bar displayed at the bottom shows where Toons are at.


The following controls are default but can be altered from the Options menu based on a player’s personal preferences.

Action Control
Jump (or face the other direction) Arrow keys (← →)
Climb up or down the vine Arrow keys (↑ ↓)