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Jellybeans, commonly known as beans, are the main currency in Toontown. They are offered as rewards for most activities such as fishing, and are used to purchase items from Clarabelle's Cattlelog and to purchase clothing at a Clothing Shop. One of the main purposes of jellybeans is to purchase gags at Goofy's Gag Shop.

Jellybeans are carried in a jellybean jar. When completing ToonTasks for upgradable jellybean pouches, a Toon can increase the capacity of their jar to hold up to 250 jellybeans. If the Toon's jar is full, any further collected jellybeans automatically go to their jellybean bank. Jellybeans are also used for gardening as combinations when planting flowers and statues at an estate.

Earning jellybeans

Toons can earn jellybeans in the following ways:


  • The maximum number of jellybeans a Toon can hold at any given time is 15,250 (15,000 in the jellybean bank and 250 in the jellybean jar).
  • A single unite can be used to give jellybeans to multiple Toons in close proximity.