Jellybean pouch

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A jellybean pouch refers to a certain number of total jellybeans that a Toon can carry in their jellybean jar. Toons start with an ordinary jellybean pouch that allows them to carry up to 40 jellybeans. Toons can increase the capacity of their pouch by completing certain ToonTasks as they progress through playgrounds.


Playground Pouch capacity ToonTask
Starter 40 None
Toontown Central 50 Toontown Central ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
Donald's Dock 60 Donald's Dock ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
Daisy Gardens 80 Daisy Gardens ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
Minnie's Melodyland 100 Minnie's Melodyland ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
The Brrrgh 120 The Brrrgh ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
Donald's Dreamland 150 Donald's Dreamland ToonTasks/Jellybean pouch
Donald's Dreamland 200 Random ToonTask
Donald's Dreamland 250 Random ToonTask

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