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The first of several playgrounds that Toons visit: Toontown Central.

A playground is the central, safe area of a neighborhood. Playgrounds have tunnels in them that lead to streets, which lead to different neighborhoods and a Cog headquarters.


Neighborhoods include Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, Donald's Dreamland, Goofy Speedway, and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. Each of the neighborhoods, excluding Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, involve a taskline that Toons progress through.

Points of interest

Toon Headquarters

Main page: Toon Headquarters

Toon Headquarters, commonly known as Toon HQ, is a Toon Building occupied by four HQ Officers.


Main page: Trolley

The Trolley is a transporter that allows a maximum of four Toons to play minigames and earn jellybeans.

Goofy's Gag Shop

Main page: Goofy's Gag Shop

Goofy's Gag Shop is where Toons can purchase gags with jellybeans.


A pond is a small body of water where Toons can find fish and begin fishing after stepping onto an unused dock.

Party gate

Main page: Party gate

A party gate, manned by two party planners, is where Toons can host parties.

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