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Parties are where Toons can come together to play all sorts of party activities, which typically last for a total of 30 minutes. Toons may walk up to a party gate in any playground to create their own party or join an existing party. Toons can also earn jellybeans by playing party activities.

Decorations and activities

The following are the prices for party decorations and activities:

  • Party cannons: 50 jellybeans each
  • Trampolines: 50 jellybeans each
  • Jukebox - 20 songs: 50 jellybeans (one only)
  • Jukebox - 40 songs: 100 jellybeans (one only)
  • Dance floor - 10 moves: 100 jellybeans (one only)
  • Dance floor - 20 moves: 200 jellybeans (one only)
  • Merry-go-round: 200 jellybeans
  • Decorations: 10-25 jellybeans each
  • Party clock: 100 jellybeans (required to start a party)
  • Party catch: 300 jellybeans (one only)
  • Tug of War: 200 jellybeans (one only)
  • Cog-o-War: 300 jellybeans (one only)
  • Fireworks: 200 jellybeans (one only)

Note that it is impossible to select the 20-song jukebox and 40-song jukebox at once, or the 10-move dance floor and 20-move dance floor at once. Only one or the other can be selected.


Toons can host parties by speaking to a party planner to create one at a cost of 100 jellybeans. When a Toon is setting up their party, they are sent to the party grounds so they can decorate it by placing decorations and activities anywhere around the area. When a Toon finishes setting up their party, they are asked to plan i. The Toon then has to set the time for their party and select whether they want their party to be public or private. A public party allows any and all Toons to attend, but a private party only allows Toons invited by the host to attend. Invitations are sent to selected Toons.


Fireworks are activated when the host of the party pulls down a lever on the rocket launch pad in order to launch a rocket that flies into the sky. Once the lever is pulled, the sky turns dark as fireworks begin to shoot into the air.


  • Parties were previously released on February 1, 2014, during Alpha, with a simplified planning system and without the ability to host private parties. Since parties required a rework, they were removed during Beta. Parties with all of its core features were released on September 1, 2017.
  • Tug of War in parties is similar to the Trolley minigame, Tug of War, albeit Toons can play four against four but cannot play against Cogs. In either version, Toons can complete with and against others.
  • Parties were originally going to be the next major update after golfing, but doodles ended up arriving sooner before parties.
  • There are Valentine-themed decorations that are available during ValenToon's Day.
  • During the Winter Holiday, Harry the Hydrant, Terry the Trashcan, and Merry the Mailbox hit the stage at Toons' parties to give a special performance.
  • As of the 2.9.5 update that was released on August 3, 2021, the previously unreleased merry-go-round activity from Toontown Online was added to parties.