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Golfing is an activity in Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf where up to four Toons can play minigolf over a series of holes to earn trophies and obtain laff boosts. A round of minigolf can be played by one to four Toons at a time, each taking turns. When Toons score their own golf balls into the hole or reach a limit of three shots over par for that hole, all advance together to the next hole.

Golf courses

Main page: Golf courses

Walk in the Par (3 holes), Hole-some Fun (6 holes), and The Hole Kit and Caboodle (9 holes) are three golf courses available. Playable holes are randomly assigned from the set of possible holes for that course. At the end of a course, the Toon with the lowest number of shots is claimed a winner.


Toons can receive trophies from playing golf. For every 10 trophies a Toon collects, they obtain a large trophy and a laff boost; a total of three laff boosts can be obtained. By obtaining all trophies to max golfing, a Toon is awarded the Golfing Grandeur Outfit.

Row 1

Trophy Description
1 1 courses completed
2 10 courses completed
3 100 courses completed
4 1 course under par
5 10 courses under par
6 100 courses under par
7 1 Hole-in-One shots
8 5 Hole-in-One shots
9 50 Hole-in-One shots
10 1 Eagle or Better Shots

Row 2

Trophy Description
11 10 Eagle or Better shots
12 100 Eagle or Better shots
13 3 Birdie or Better shots
14 30 Birdie or Better shots
15 300 Birdie or Better shots
16 4 Par or Better shots
17 40 Par or Better shots
18 400 Par or Better shots
19 2 multiplayer courses completed
20 20 multiplayer courses completed

Row 3

Trophy Description
21 200 multiplayer courses completed
22 1 Walk in the Par win
23 5 Walk in the Par wins
24 25 Walk in the Par wins
25 1 Hole-some Fun win
26 5 Hole-some Fun wins
27 25 Hole-some Fun wins
28 1 Kit and Caboodle wins
29 5 Kit and Caboodle wins
30 25 Kit and Caboodle wins

Laff boosts

Trophy Description
31 Laff boost #1 (10 trophies earned)
32 Laff boost #2 (20 trophies earned)
33 Laff boost #3 (all 30 trophies earned)


Golfing contains a variety of words that are references and puns to golf terminology.

SpeedChat phrases

  • Fore! - a warning that a golf ball might hit someone after it is swung by the club.
  • Gimme - a shot that golfers can agree on automatically without being played.
  • Mulligan - a second chance that occurs after the first shot occurred via bad luck.
    • The SpeedChat phrase is "I'll take a mulligan."


  • Par - the predetermined number of strokes required to complete a hole. This can be found in the score card's Par section and under the name of the course when the animation of the hole plays before the first Toon begins to golf.
  • Hole-in-One - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole from the tee.
  • Eagle - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring two shots under par if the par is 4. If par is 3, then two shots under par would be scored as a hole in one, so the Eagle can only be earned in the par 4 holes of One Little Birdie-2 and Second Wind-2.
  • Birdie - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring one shot under par.
  • Bogey - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring one shot above par.
  • Double Bogey - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring two shots above par.
  • Triple Bogey - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring three shots above par.
  • "+3" or Forfeit - if a Toon cannot finish the hole by their third shot over par, an automatic Triple Bogey is scored, and the game goes on.

Albatross and Condor

Toontown Rewritten's code for golfing contains two unused golf terms present in "GolfShotDesc" known as Albatross and Condor.

  • Albatross[1] - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring four shots under par.
    • Theoretically, if a Toon scores a Hole-in-One on a Par 4 hole, this would be an Albatross, but the game displays the red text score as "Hole-in-One".
  • Condor - a shot in which a golf ball enters the hole after scoring five shots under par.
    • There are no Par 5 holes, so it is impossible to legitimately get a Condor.

In order to achieve either of the two, the scorecard displays a shot count of 0 on a Par 3 hole for an Albatross and a shot count of 0 on a Par 4 hole for a Condor. It is unknown as to why or what triggers a shot to not add up, but it is suggested that game lag interference disrupts the score to add one.[notes 1] The 0 reads as a shot despite that it does not actually add to the valid count displayed on the scorecard. The game's code causes the legitimacy of the score to appear while still showing an error in the score count.


  • Golfing was released during Alpha but was eventually removed due to major bugs.[2] On December 7, 2015, golfing was released once more in mostly working condition.[3][4]
  • The color of a Toon's golf ball depends on where they sit on the golf cart. The Toon in the driver seat receives a red golf ball, the front passenger receives a blue golf ball, the back-left passenger receives a yellow golf ball, and the back-right passenger receives a purple golf ball.
  • As of the 2.9.0 update that was released on June 27, 2021, trophy requirements for golfing were reduced.


  1. As stated on Discord by Quentin, a former member of the Toontown Rewritten Team.