Daisy Gardens

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Daisy Gardens
Basic information
Treasure Daisy
Population 93 Toons
Number of buildings 64
Number of streets 3
Connects to
Elm StreetSilly Street, Toontown Central
Maple StreetSeaweed Street, Donald's Dock
Oak StreetSellbot Headquarters
Cog information
Minimum level 2
Maximum level 6
Maximum building stories 4 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.

Daisy Gardens, commonly known as DG, is a neighborhood located in the southwest side of Toontown. It has streets that connect to Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, and Sellbot Headquarters. It is the third of six playgrounds that Toons progress through.

Daisy Gardens is unique due to being one of two playgrounds where Toons do not train for a new gag track. It is also notorious for certain ToonTasks awarding teleport access where Toons are instructed to obtain two keys from either Legal Eagles or Minglers.

The fisherman in the playground is Fisherman Flora.


Daisy Gardens is designed to look like a well-kept garden with an abundance of flowers and trees. The playground itself is shaped like a large flower. In the middle is a maze where a giant daisy can be found that constantly spins, and consistently rises and descends depending on how many Toons are present there. Butterflies also fly around. The treasure in Daisy Gardens is a daisy.


There is a party gate with Party Planner Pierce and Party Planner Peggy residing next to it for Toons to host parties.


Daisy Gardens has three streets:


Main page: Daisy Gardens ToonTasks

Toons are instructed to complete ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens before advancing to Minnie's Melodyland.


  • In Toontown Online, Goofy used to roam the playground until he was replaced by Daisy Duck. The two no longer appear because the Toontown Rewritten Team wanted to prevent from calling attention to the Disney characters by simply not including them in their playgrounds.[1]
  • Daisy Gardens is the only playground to contain streets with names that do not include alliteration. Each of the streets are also named after different tree types.
  • At the Kaboomberg district, the Cogs invaded Daisy Gardens and rebranded it into Daisy Gardens, Inc..
  • Toons teleport back to Daisy Gardens after defeating the Vice President.