Portable hole

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The portable hole is an invention by Doctor Surlee that allows Toons to teleport to playgrounds and Cog headquarters under certain circumstances, among other areas all over Toontown. A Toon grabs a hole out of their pocket to throw it on the ground and jump directly into it as the hole enlarges and flattens itself. Afterward, the Toon jumps out of the hole at the area they teleported to.

Toons must complete ToonTasks to gain teleport access to every playground. After completing a ToonTask for that playground, a Toon may teleport to said playground by clicking it from the "Map" page of the Shticker Book. Walking to Goofy Speedway and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres automatically grants teleport access to both playgrounds respectively.

To gain teleport access to every Cog headquarters, Toons must reach level 13 in their Cog Disguises.


  • When the Silly Meter maxes and if the Global Teleport Access Silly Team wins, Toons automatically gain temporary teleport access to any area they already visited.