Map of Toontown

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The map of Toontown is a page in the Shticker Book that shows every known location in the world of Toontown. Toons can teleport to any location in Toontown upon gaining teleport access to a playground by completing ToonTasks, as well as gaining teleport access to a Cog headquarters by reaching level 12-13 on the specific Cog Disguise.

The map shows the following areas:

The cloud

Main page: Clear Coasts

A mysterious cloud crept up just off the outskirts of Minnie's Melodyland, which appeared on the map since May 3, 2015. A blog post published by Hysterical Harry on August 26, 2019, confirmed that the Toon Council once stated that they plan to build a new playground under the cloud one day.[1] It was eventually revealed to be a beach vacation playground called Clear Coasts.


The original Toontown map before the release of Toontown Online.
  • During early development of Toontown Online, there were three areas named Funny Farm, Goofy Stadium, and Construction Zone planned that were scrapped, but appeared on the original map when it was first conceptualized.[2] The current map contains remnants of such areas alongside original illustrations of every Cog headquarters in different spots.
    • Funny Farm was going to be a playground that was inspired by black and white cartoons.
    • In place of Goofy Speedway, Goofy Stadium was going to be a playground based on Goofy the Sportsman.
    • In place of Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, Construction Zone was going to be a playground revolving around construction antics.
    • Sellbot Headquarters was connected to The Brrrgh, Cashbot Headquarters was connected to Daisy Gardens, Lawbot Headquarters was connected to Construction Zone, and Bossbot Headquarters was connected to Donald's Dreamland.
  • Due to feedback from the Toontown community, a high quality version of the map was released in the 2.6.4 update on September 18, 2019.[3]