Lawbot Headquarters

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Lawbot Headquarters
Basic information
Department Lawbots
Location Polar Place, The Brrrgh
Area information
Minimum Cog level 8
Maximum Cog level 10
Special Cogs Goons
Virtual Skelecogs
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities Lawbot DA Offices
Minimum Cog level 10
Maximum Cog level 12
Miniboss Cog District Attorney's Clerk
Boss information
Facilities Lawbot Courthouse
Minimum Cog level 8
Maximum Cog level 12
Boss Cog Chief Justice

Lawbot Headquarters, commonly known as Lawbot HQ or simply LBHQ, is the Lawbots' main base of operation. It is connected to Polar Place in The Brrrgh. Lawbot Headquarters consists of two Cog facilities: the Lawbot DA Offices and the Lawbot Courthouse. Inside the Lawbot Courthouse is where Toons may find the boss Cog, the Chief Justice.


The courtyard is the main area of Lawbot Headquarters. Cogs that roam the courtyard range from level 8 to level 10. The Courtyard is surrounded by very tall skyscrapers and marble buildings. To the north is a large statue of the Chief Justice. The Lawbot DA Offices and the Lawbot Courthouse can be accessed from the courtyard.

Lawbot DA Offices

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The Lawbot DA Offices are where Toons often infiltrate to recover Jury Notices for promotions on their Lawbot Cog Disguise. The Cogs in each office are either level 10 or level 11, with Skelecogs also making some appearances. The miniboss Cog is a level 12 Skelecog known as the District Attorney's Clerk.

Lawbot Courthouse

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The Lawbot Courthouse serves as the domain for the Chief Justice. Toons may battle the Chief Justice once they have promotions for their Lawbot Cog Disguise ready.

Chief Justice

Main page: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, commonly known as the C.J., is the boss Cog of the Lawbots.

Cog Summons

Main page: Cog Summons

A Cog Summons is awarded to Toons that successfully defeat the Chief Justice in the trial. There are three types of Cog Summons: a single Cog summons, a Cog Building summons, and a Cog Invasion summons.

Lawbot Cog Disguise

Main page: Lawbot Cog Disguise

The Lawbot Cog Disguise is a Cog Disguise containing 14 parts. Each part is awarded upon completion of Professor Flake's ToonTasks.


  • Lawbot Headquarters is the only Cog headquarters with a total of five facilities.
  • Lawbot Headquarters is the first Cog headquarters to be released in an update that involved solving an ARG, with Bossbot Headquarters being second.