Cog Summons

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A Cog Summons is a reward that is awarded to Toons when they defeat the Chief Justice. The ability to summon either a Cog, Cog Building, or Cog Invasion is granted, depending on what Toons already possess. All participating Toons in the Chief Justice boss battle may usually receive the same type of Cog Summons. A Cog Summons can be used by viewing the "Cog Gallery" page of the Shticker Book and then clicking on the evidence button next to the Cog.


Cog Summons

A Cog Summons allows a specific Cog to be summoned at streets and Cog headquarters courtyards.

Building Summons

A Building Summons is obtained by having a Cog Summons. When used while at a street, it summons a Cog Building and drops onto a nearby Toon Building.

Invasion Summons

An Invasion Summons is obtained by having both a Cog Summons and a Building Summons for a specific Cog. When used, a Cog Invasion begins. It cannot be used there if is an existing Cog Invasion in the same district, and also cannot be used while in an invasion-safe district.