Cog Invasion

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A Cog Invasion is an event where specific Cogs invade Toontown in a district, which can happen spontaneously or when an Invasion Summons is used. Cog Invasions allow Toons to gain twice the amount of skill points for gags when they defeat Cogs. Large-scale invasions that arrive in three-hour waves are known as Mega-Invasions.


  • The very first Cog Invasion consisted of Mover & Shakers.[1]
  • Cog Invasions time out after (0.7 * numCogs) seconds.[notes 1]
  • As of the 3.0.0 update that was released on December 3, 2021, double gag experience during Cog Invasions is counted when gags are used, rather than only being considered if a Cog Invasion was active at the end of a Cog battle or a Cog Building.

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