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A preview of Cog Buildings shown by Tutorial Tom during the Toontorial.

A Cog Building is a skyscraper owned by the Cogs that falls from the sky and lands on a Toon Building to spur sadness across the streets of Toontown. Cog Buildings, belonging to any of the four Cog departments, can be up to five stories tall, depending on their locations and the level of the Cogs that enter them. Higher playgrounds typically have high story Cog Buildings in their streets. High-level Cogs that are found inside Cog Buildings do not typically roam the streets.


A Cog Building forms when a Cog randomly enters a Toon Building; high-level Cogs may be more prone to doing this. Any Toons inside the building would automatically be kicked out. Attempting to enter a Toon Building while it is in the process of being taken over by Cogs triggers a message popup stating, "Watch out! There's a Cog in there!". Shortly afterward, the sound of a faint whistle plays and a shadow forms over the Toon Building as it gets crushed by the Cog Building.

Note that Cog Buildings have their own types like Cogs do. For example, if a Short Change takes over a Toon Building, a Cog Building becomes a Cashbot Cog Building that contains Cashbots inside, unless there is an ongoing Cog Invasion.


The exterior of a Cog Building is a tall steely gray skyscraper lacking any color. When a Cog takes over a Toon Building, any surrounding street props are hidden with the Toon Building. Every type of Cog Building have eyes on top. Knock-knock doors turn into doorways for incoming and outgoing Cogs. A Cog Building is named after the Toon Building it takes over and adds "Inc." at the end of its name. If the Toon Building does not have a name, it is simply called "COGS, Inc.". The Cog Building type is also displayed below its name.

The doorway is replaced with an elevator, which up to four Toons may enter to take down a Cog Building. Above the elevator are white lights that indicate how many floors the Cog Building has, and the name of the Cog Building. Once Toons enter, the elevator remains closed until Toons either leave or successfully defeat the Cog Building.


Each floor contains progressively more Cogs that the Toons must battle. As Toons continuously battle Cogs, more Cogs may exit from the elevator to join. Toons cannot run to the nearest playground while they are in battle, and their friends cannot teleport to them while they are inside a Cog Building.

The appearance of the interior is dependent on the floor. The first floor of all Cog Buildings is a boiler room with boilers on the sidewalls and a clock over the elevator. Any floors in between the first floor and the top floor are platforms from which one can see dozens of Cogs behind their desks working or sleeping. The top floor of all Cog Buildings, except one-story Cog Buildings, contain a statue of Telemarketer and Bottom Feeder. The "boss" is an ordinary Cog that is higher level than the rest of the Cogs inside a Cog Building. The "boss" always greets Toons with "I'm the boss." at the start of the top floor battle.

Between each floor, Toons are given 90 seconds to enter the elevator to proceed to the next floor. They may teleport out of a Cog Building at this time but they do not receive skill points for gags if they do. If the timer runs out, they are sent back to the nearest playground.


The difficulty of a Cog Building is solely dependent on the level of the Cog that took over, regardless of the Cog tier, Cog department, or playground. Because level 1-9 Cogs can roam the streets and take over Toon Buildings, this means there are nine forms of difficulties for Cog Buildings that are not explicitly mentioned in-game.

  • Difficulty - equal to the level of the Cog that created the Cog Building
  • Floors - the number of floors the Cog Building can have
  • Cogs - the level of Cogs the Cog Building can have
  • Boss - the level of the "boss" Cog at the top floor
Difficulty Floors Cogs Boss
1 1 1-3 4
2 1-2 2-4 5
3 1-3 3-5 6
4 2-3 4-6 7
5 2-4 5-7 8
6 3-4 6-8 9
7 3-5 7-9 10
8 4-5 8-10 11
9 5 9-11 12

This information shows, for example, that level 7 Cogs can create a five-story Cog Building with only a level 10 "boss" (Difficulty 7). This means that Walrus Way and Sleet Street have the easiest five-story Cog Buildings due to the level 5-7 range on a street.

Also note that there is no way for a one-story Cog Building to contain a level 7 Cog. Because building-only Cogs have a minimum level of 7 or 8, they can never be found in a one-story Cog Building by normal means.


In Cog Buildings, a gag's skill points multiply depending on the floor that a Toon is on. However, during a Cog Invasion, multipliers are doubled. Note that a multiplier is only true when a Toon is on the floor itself, meaning the Toon must be on the fifth floor of a Cog Building to get the x3 multiplier and the x6 multiplier. Multipliers for previous floors stay true.

Floor Without Cog Invasion With Cog Invasion
1 x1 x2
2 x1.5 x3
3 x2 x4
4 x2.5 x5
5 x3 x6

Toon Platoon and self-portraits

Toon Platoon

Main page: Toon Platoon

The Toon Platoon is a board displayed inside every Toon Headquarters, which updates periodically. It lists the top 10 currently online Toons and how many Cog Building floors they defeated. If a Toon takes down a certain number of Cog Buildings, they obtain a star above their name tag. There are bronze, silver, and gold stars; one of each that is static and one of each that spins. Each Cog Building floor gives one point.

If a Cog Building that a Toon rescued is taken over by Cogs, they lose their points from that Cog Building. Should a Toon stop defeating Cog Buildings for a long period of time, their points decrease and their star downgrades (assuming they have any star above bronze). If the Toon switches to a different district, their points do not transfer over as each district has its own Toon Platoon.


When Toons take down a Cog Building, portraits of themselves are temporarily displayed inside the rescued Toon Building on its wall.


  • Although Cog Buildings have one Cog that introduces themselves as the "boss" in the final floor, their abilities and appearance do not distinctly differ from the rest of the Cogs.
  • Cog Buildings can have an influence on Cogs of a specific department that appear on a street; for example, if there is a Bossbot Cog Building on a street, the number of Bossbots roaming a street would most likely increase, because Cog Buildings can increase the population of the Cog department.
  • Due to ToonTask-related Toon Buildings that cannot be taken over and due to low-level Cogs that roam, presence of Cog Buildings is less likely in the streets of Toontown Central.
  • If enough time passes, or if there is too many Cog Buildings on a street, a Cog Building reverts back to a Toon Building on its own.