Toon Platoon

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The Toon Platoon is a board displayed inside every Toon Headquarters, which updates periodically. It lists the top 10 currently online Toons and how many Cog Buildings floors they defeated. If a Toon defeats a certain number of Cog Buildings, they obtain a star above their name tag. There are bronze, silver, and gold stars; one of each that is static and one of each that spins. Each Cog Building floor grants one point.

If a Cog Building that a Toon rescued is taken over by Cogs, they lose their points from that building. Should a Toon stop taking down Cog Buildings for a long period of time, their points decrease and their star downgrades (assuming they have any star above bronze). If the Toon switches to a different district, their points do not transfer over as each district has its own Toon Platoon.


Star Cog Buildings
One-story Two-story Three-story Four-story Five-story

Bronze star (10 floors)
10 5 4 3 2

Spinning bronze star (20 floors)
20 10 7 5 4

Silver star (30 floors)
30 15 10 8 6

Spinning silver star (50 floors)
50 25 17 13 10

Gold star (75 floors)
75 38 25 19 15

Spinning gold star (100 floors)
100 50 34 25 20