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Evidence is an item that Toons use when battling the Chief Justice in the Lawbot Courthouse. A Toon can throw evidence at the Toons' scale to lower it, hit another Toon to restore their laff, or stun Cogs for a short period of time. Cogs also throw evidence at their scale at an attempt to bring the Toons' scale up. When all Cogs are stunned by evidence, a bonus applies to Toons' evidence where they become heavier for 20 seconds, allowing Toons to potentially bring their scale down quicker. Should a Toon run out of evidence, they can head back to Bumpy Bumblebehr's bench to collect 22-38 pieces.


  • In the real world, evidence is a body of available information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.
  • Its model, which lacks a texture applied to it, is a law book because it was initially intended to be used for Big Wig's unreleased Cog attack called Throw Book before it was then repurposed for the Chief Justice boss battle in Toontown Online.